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Soul of a Warrior: Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Romance Collide, as New Novel Urges Readers to Find Their True and Unwavering Inner Strength

Denna Holm’s ‘Soul of a Warrior’ is being hailed by critics for adding a new twist into the fray of a literary landscape dominated by vampire and other fantasy clichés. Her gripping and wholly-unique narrative takes the allure of love onto an alien planet, as protagonist Kimi Wicker finds herself in a dangerous and strange new world. There’s no weapons she can use to defend herself…but there is someone that would die to bring her home.


Bend, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/30/2014 -- There’s no denying that some of the world’s best authors often draw inspiration from the strangest and most unlikely of places. In the case of Oregon’s Denna Holm, the quirks and idiosyncrasies of characters in her new fantasy novel were taken, of all places, from students she has taught in the world of Dressage.

But don’t get confused; ‘Soul of a Warrior’ takes these personalities and molds them into an intricate and fascinating story that transcends any single genre to straddle fantasy, romance and even Science Fiction.


Hours before she is torn away from everything she knows, Kimi Wicker comes face to face with a tall blond-haired stranger who claims to be her mate. But he also claims to come from another world. Thinking the guy a crazy psychopath, Kimi tries to run with her two best friends and a feisty tabby-cat in tow. No one anticipates a second stranger showing up, one with a completely different agenda.

Kimi and her friends don't know who to trust when they find themselves abandoned on the hostile alien world. They are given no reason for why they are being left behind and no weapons to defend themselves against the predators of this strange new world. One man will do anything to see Kimi brought back safely, even sacrifice his own life. The second wants them both to suffer, alive, but forever out of reach of each other.

“I’m passionate about writing stories that go beyond a quick thrill to give reader a tangible life lesson,” explains Holm. “In the case of this book, readers will discover the power of their inner strength as well as humanity’s natural reliance on one another. Three friends get into quite a lot of trouble, but work together to find a way out. Tenacity is there in all of us, we just have to find it.”
Continuing, “It’s been a rollercoaster ride for a first novel; and I’m enjoying the process immensely. Reader feedback has been fantastic and I’m pleased to announce that plenty more books are in the works!”

Holm isn’t exaggerating. Since its release, the novel has attracted a string of five-star reviews.
Kircus Reviews, “There’s never a dull moment in this novel, which features violence, treachery, interplanetary travel and steamy love scenes.” “An action-packed paranormal romance featuring alien vampires and werewolves.”

Doug Lamoreux adds, “Two aliens walk into a bar... No, it's not the set up to a bad joke. It's the set up to a damned fine book. Soul of a Warrior isn't Science-fiction, fantasy, horror, or romance, it is all of these, with lots of romance, combined. In the hands of an experienced author it would be quite a juggling act. So, what happens when those same elements are put together in one novel by a first time author? In the hands of writer Denna Holm... grand things.”

Lynne adds, “I have just finished reading the excellent first book from author Denna Holm. Though ultimately a romance novel, this is so much more. Set between two worlds, this fast paced fantasy romance keeps the reader interested and eager for more.”

‘Soul of a Warrior’, published by Crescent Moon Press, is available now: http://amzn.to/1v5gSFu

About Denna Holm
A retired FEI competitor in dressage, she earned her United States Dressage Federation Bronze and Silver Medals. At the age of thirty she took a chance and stepped out of her comfort zone in western pleasure, entering the exciting, but challenging, world of dressage. It's not a move she ever regretted. In the end she believes much of her western training helped her build a closer working relationship with her dressage partner, a thoroughbred racetrack reject named Oregon Sunshine.

After Denna retired from training and showing horses, she turned her full attention to her second passion, writing novels in paranormal and science fiction romance. She was able to use the unique personalities of her many wonderful students to help bring life to her characters. Denna and her husband Lee make their home in the beautiful State of Oregon with their two loyal German shepherds and three spoiled cats. Animals are given a special part in her novels, their offer of unconditional love a lifeline in this oftentimes difficult world.