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Sound Tattoo Removal Opens New Location on Federal Way in Puget Sound Area

Sound Tattoo Removal uses a unique laser system to offer the best removal in fewer treatments with less discomfort than ever before, and has opened a new location on Federal Way.


Federal Way, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/29/2015 -- Tattoos may seem like a great idea at the time, but so many people end up regretting them and wanting them removed, either to improve their employment prospects or simply to remove unsightly or discolored tattoos they no longer want. Sound Tattoo Removal is a specialty offering of the trusted Sound Vascular medical group. With the latest technology for tattoo removal, they help people eliminate unwanted tattoos with fewer treatments and less discomfort than conventional laser tattoo removal centers. Their process has been so successful they have opened a new location on Federal Way in Puget Sound.

Their success is thanks to the Cutera Enlighten laser, the premiere tool for removing all colors of tattoo ink, no matter how deep in the skin. The laser uses dual frequency pulses to shatter the molecular structure of the ink and break it up. This is the most refined possible way of removing tattoos and is twice as effective as any other laser device. Sound Tattoo Removal are the only ones in possession of this laser in Seattle.

This means unwanted tattoos will be gone faster, with fewer treatments and less discomfort than ever before. Expanding on their original location in Bellingham, the new branch on Federal Way is ideally located to allow a broad base of individuals to get access to this game changing facility.

A spokesperson for Sound Tattoo Removal explained, "The wonderful thing about the new laser technology is that it allows people to get their tattoos removed more quickly and more comfortably than ever before. But our state of the art medical grade facility also allows us to apply local anaesthetics which can guarantee a virtually painless experience, allowing people to relax and look forward to the day they will be free of their unwanted tattoos."

About Sound Tattoo Removal
Sound Tattoo Removal offers treatments performed in a comfortable, spa-like environment. From the moment patients walk into Sound Tattoo Removal they will feel at ease, as the staff work together to create an atmosphere of relaxation for every treatment. A fully licensed Master Aesthetician administers each tattoo removal session, and because they are a fully licensed medical environment, topical lidocaine application makes each treatment virtually painless.

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