Seo Experts Expands Into Thermal Curtains, Moving Blankets for Soundproofing

Just before the next Polar Vortex cold hits the US, has expanded their offers of thermal window treatments to thermal insulated curtains, thermal window linings, and heat reflective window films.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/08/2014 -- Just in time before another Polar Vortex descends on the better part of the US again, has expanded their offers from pure soundproof curtains, blackout curtains, and noise absorption sheets. They expanded their thermal curtains section into a much more comprehensive thermal window treatments to keep heat in your home section, adding dozens of new reviews.

People who have suffered from severe enduring cold during the previous streaks of arctic blasts now have several new options for thermal window treatments. Anyone who is tired of spending money on expensive fuel or electricity to heat their home will find a perfect solution among one or more of these budget-friendly options: Thermal Insulated Curtains, Thermal Window Liners, and Heat Reflective Window Films.

Adding just one of these window treatments can reduce your heating bill by as much as 70-90%! All the while keeping the home at the perfect temperature you are accustomed to. But which option will be right for you? That is why provides several in-depth, extensive reviews of thermal window treatments to keep heat in your home. is listing both the pros and the cons of individual treatments so anyone can find a treatment that matches their skill level, and the desire to insulate their home from the cold. For instance, installing a thermal window liner can be a matter of five minutes even for an inexperienced, while properly installing a heat reflective window film without any bubbles or inperfections can take as much as an hour and one may need a helper! But do not fret, includes practical installation instructions in their reviews whenever warranted.

The company has also been busy expanding their offering of sound absorption sheets into a whole new section of recording studio related products which now also include noise reducing blankets and, recently, cheaper heavy moving blankets with excellent noise reduction coefficients (NRC). Musicians who need to constantly record their performances at home or in the recording studios will now have a way to inexpensively decorate their recording studios with one of the best and heaviest moving blankets on the market, Super Supreme Moving Blankets For Recording Studios. It is quite a coincidence that heavy-duty moving blankets which is normally used to protect valuable furniture against dents and scratches during transportation, have such superb sound absorption properties to be seriously considered against professional, and much more expensive sound absorption sheets.

About is a site that has recently been launched and deals with products related to soundproofing, and functional interior design. Homeowners and apartment dwellers who are desperately looking to improve their environment and cost of homeownership in particular cost of heating and air conditioning are now happily buying thermal insulation products that this site offers. Musicians who are soundproofing their in-home recording studios are finding valuable information and sound treatment products on the site as well.

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