SoundCloud Marketing Offers New Musicians Increased Exposure


Salinas, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/23/2014 -- SoundCloud Marketing recently upgraded their online service to help new musicians get a step ahead in the industry. Under their new system, artists can now buy SoundCloud followers as well as plays, providing artists with the exposure they need.

Studies have shown that millions of people listen to SoundCloud every day, and the numbers continue to increase exponentially. While it’s the perfect avenue for musicians to showcase their wares, it’s difficult to get noticed unless one has followers already.

What the latest research shows is that the need to buy SoundCloud plays increases as more musicians avail of the service. According to industry observers, the tendency of listeners is to follow and tune in to musicians that have downloads, likes, comments and reposts. In fact, the latest figures show that when a musician decides to buy SoundCloud likes, the quicker people take notice.

This phenomenon is not new, and industry insiders have termed this the snowball effect, and it’s something that’s easier to achieve with an online marketing service. While there are several ways to promote music, instant downloads, likes and comments accelerate the process. Studies also indicate that the response from the public is very positive, so whatever amount the artist pays is compensated for by rapid recognition and increased popularity.

According to SoundCloud Marketing, the services and packages they offer are in increments, which allow musicians to find one that suits their needs. Once people see that a musician has a growing number of followers, SoundCloud promotion becomes automatic as people spread word about the artist.

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SoundCloud Marketing specializes in music promotion of artists that use the SoundCloud service. The company offers likes, plays, followers and comments, all at very competitive rates. For more information and for general inquiries, please visit the official website at

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