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Mountain View, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/26/2013 -- OSTchi is not another gaming buff but, someone who has keen interests in the music aspect of games. She has her own channel on YouTube where she uploads game tracks frequently to help other gaming enthusiasts get the most of their gaming experience. Her uploads are of fine quality and focus on soundtrack renditions of some of the most popular and universally age appropriate games.

This music enthusiast, who holds a keen interest in the music of games, had started her passion for this talent with her first upload of Kartrider BGM – Alien game. This is a multiplayer racing game which is played in majority of the Asian countries. OSTchi has since then uploaded many videos and soundtrack game renditions to help both new and old players enjoy the experience with a heightened sense for inspiring music.

OSTchi as she claims, her videos are unlike other similar uploads on YouTube because hers are not shared but, created uniquely by employing state of the art recording techniques. One such technique that she has used in many of her videos is after effects to implement the audio spectrums with carefully chosen backgrounds to suit the respective game soundtrack. These are techniques which are known to be used by professionals and upload times can typically range from anywhere between 7 hours and above.

OSTchi is very passionate about this talent of hers and wishes to share this with gaming buffs from around the world. Her creations are not specific to one criteria of gaming. She has covered all major gaming niches including rpg, platform gaming, first person shooter, etc. She regularly keeps in touch with her passion by uploading 4-8 videos and shares the same to help other gamers better enjoy their gaming experience.

Her goal is to inspire listeners to contribute their thoughts, and provide advice that will help her dedicate more to this unusual but, extremely rare kind of passion for music soundtrack. To know more and listen to some of OSTchi’s uploads, log onto

About OSTchi
Ever played a game where you absolutely enjoyed its soundtracks and decided to search for it? So did we. Our mission is to support previous and upcoming game soundtracks with other music enthusiasts and to basically build a community which communicates frequently by sharing, posting comments, making suggestions and in essence discussing every bit of information and opinion of each piece.

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