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Source Health Labs Announces the Release of Raspberry Ketone Liquid for Weight Loss


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2012 -- Source Health Labs is announcing today that its Raspberry Ketone Liquid drops has been released and is currently selling on the popular e-commerce site,

Jason Oglow, media contact was asked earlier what the Raspberry Ketone Liquid Diet Drops were and how it could help dieters. "Raspberry ketone is naturally found in red raspberries and the FDA has approved it as a safe food substance. The ketone is what makes the raspberry have the scent it does and is often used in perfumes and lotions. It has been discovered that the ketones give the metabolism a boost and helps to burn fat and suppress the appetite."

Mr. Oglow continued with, "When we set out to create our Raspberry Ketone Diet Drops, we did so after much research because we wanted to make sure we could produce a quality product that was fast absorbing, affordable, and actually burned the fat of the person taking it, which is exactly what we did with our drops. In addition, our ketone liquid drops has no artificial ingredients and herbs and extracts we use are mixed with a small percentage of alcohol which is typically what herbalists do when making herbs into liquid form since it increases the bioavailability of the active ingredients of the herbs, and that of course means it goes to work faster"!

The question of side effects was raised, Mr. Oglow laughed jokingly, "The raspberry ketone has the ability to increase energy levels, so if that is a side effect it is one that most people welcome"! So it doesn't boost energy like a cup of coffee? "Oh my goodness no, it doesn't cause the jiggers that some people get from drinking coffee. The energy boost is more subtle and longer lasting so the person may feel less tired in the afternoons like many people do, but the energy lift is definitely noticeable in a positive way", said Mr. Oglow.

"The fact that our raspberry ketone is in a liquid form allows people to feel the effects of the energy boost much faster compared to taking it in a pill form. In addition, the liquid allows greater results since it is instantly absorbed by the body rather than having to go through the digestive track where the active ingredients in the pills end up being destroyed before the body ever has a chance to use it", Mr. Oglow said.

About Source Health Labs
Source Health Labs is 100 percent committed to producing high quality raspberry ketone liquid drops that are free of additives and very effective for consumers seeking effective weight loss. The company spent time and money testing the product to ensure its effectiveness and found the liquid drops absorb into the human body much faster than pill form. Raspberry Ketone Liquid by Source Health Labs has become very popular and because it is being offered on one of the largest online e-tailers,, sales continue to increase and inquiries remain strong in the product.

Source Health Labs has very high quality standards so that every bottle is equally effective.