Anthony “Amp” Elmore

South Africa to Host the World's Largest African Influenced Cultural Celebration Signals the Start of the Star Trek Generation


Memphis, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/12/2014 -- 5 time Karate/Kickboxing Champion Anthony “Amp” Elmore from Memphis, Tennessee met for a second time with South African Ambassador Ebrahim Rasool at the South African Embassy in Washington D.C. Elmore notes that this meeting was the historic breakthrough for Americans, Africans, African/Americans and all of humanity. Elmore has pursued the dream bringing Africans and African/Americans together for over the past two decades. Elmore proposed to the South African Ambassador that South Africa Honor African/Americans with a “Formal State Reception.” A formal State Reception is simply an invitation for African/Americans to formally visit Africa via a ”Cultural Pathway.” Elmore notes that there is no cultural pathway to connect Africans and Americans.

Ambassador Rasool made the commitment that South Africa would Honor African/Americans via a “Formal State Reception” per Elmore’s request in July of 2017. South African leaders with travel to Memphis soon to make the “Formal Announcement” at the Martin Luther King Civil Rights Museum in Memphis. The event will ask then former American President Barack Obama Jr. to be the event Keynote speaker. Most Americans of African decent ancestors came to the Americas via the “Trans Atlantic” slave trade that started in the 1400’s. While African/Americans are citizens of America they are family to Africa and Africans. This event will help African/Americans and Americans to no longer be estranged and ignorant about Africa in our modern technological era. Africa is not only family to African/Americans, Africa is the birthplace all of “humanity” and a scientific and logical reason for all humans to join in the July 2017 Celebration in Joberg, South Africa.

Elmore who is an over 40 year Nichiren Buddhist notes that we must become “Enlighten and Evolved humans like the “Star Trek Generation.” Elmore notes that it was 50 years ago when President London Johnson signed the 1964 Civil Rights Act that was the major world breakthrough that initiated the start of a modern America. 1964 was also the copyright date of the movie and film series of Star Trek that shows what the world would be like as a modern and evolved civilization. We humans are an evolving species and we must look beyond race, culture, religion and Sectarianism.

Elmore proposed to the South African Government an event called the “Safari Homecoming Celebration.” Safari is the most noted African word in the English language. SAFARI is an Acronym For: “Styled African Family Application Renaissance Initiative.” The “Safari Initiative” is a plan that taps science, culture and history via a family celebration. Since the history of the “Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade” the Ancestors of Africans the “African/Americans” have been physically mentally, spiritually, socially and economically estranged from their African Ancestors or their Ancestral Homeland of Africa. Elmore notes that the cornerstone of humanity is Filial Piety or respect for our parents and ancestors. Elmore traveled to Nairobi, Kenya in 1990 to premier his auto-biographical film titled the “Contemporary Gladiator.” While on Safari at the Massa Mara Plains in Kenya Elmore claims that he was visited by “Ancestral Spirits” who mandated that he dedicate his life to helping the “Children of Africa ” re-connect with their African Ancestry. While we Blacks are family to Africans, Africa is the birthplace of all Humanity and the key to creating an enlighten society. Our society is ignorant or unenlightened in regards to the History, culture, science and the development of our human species as it relates to Africa.

The Safari Initiative is tantamount to Star Treks most notable quote; “To boldly go where no man has gone before.” Progressive Whites and Blacks in America will travel to Africa together and celebrate African/Americans connecting to their African Heritage. Whites and Blacks will celebrate our Human Origins in Africa and learn to transcend race. Saturday June 7, 2014 was the start of the celebration. Kickboxing Champ Anthony “Amp” Elmore hosted a pre-celebration at his home in Memphis, Tennessee. The diversified cultural celebration looked like the Starship Enterprise. At the Helm of the event held in an all Black Neighborhood was Memphis 9th District Congressman Steve Cohen. Cohen who is a White and Jewish is the only White Elected Congressman in America elected in a majority African/American District. He is the legislator in America to introduce and get pass a bill whereas America apologized for slavery and Jim Crow laws. Congressman Cohen is a supporter of the Safari Initiative. Cohen will follow the pathway of Robert Kennedy who was the 1st White person who visited Kenya and South Africa to tell Africans that they were not only human but Family.

The Safari Homecoming Celebration will be more than just a “Cultural Celebration” the event will be the harbinger that will take Africa to a 21st Century cultural Paradigm whereas Americans, Africans and African/Americans will never look upon each other the same way. The Safari Homecoming Celebration with tear down walls or ignorance regarding Africa and help to heal the wounds that slavery caused to Africa, Africans and African/Americans and Americans.

Most people are unaware of the fact that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a “Trekkie” and Star Trek was one of his favorite shows. Dr. Martin Luther King was an early member of the American Committee on Africa. Dr. King traveled to Africa in 1957 to witness Ghana become the 1st African Country to break the yoke of colonization. Since 1957 no African country has formally invited its African/American Ancestors to visit their Ancestral homeland of Africa. The South Africa 2017 Safari Homecoming celebration will mark the 60th year anniversary of Ghana becoming the 1st African Country gaining its independence from oppression and colonial rule. The event will honor Dr. King, Kenya’s Tom Mboya and Nelson Mandela.

The Safari Homecoming Celebration not only will usher in a new epoch from Africa the celebration will help to bring a new era in America whereas there is tremendous trade, culture and economic relationships between America and Africa. The New Star Trek Generation of Africans and Americans will open that new world Frontier as they say in Star Trek “To boldly go where no man has gone before.” Learn more via the website; Contact Anthony “Amp” Elmore at 901 452-4330