Anthony “Amp” Elmore

South Africa Considers Hosting the World's Largest Historic African Influenced Cultural Celebration


Memphis, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/25/2012 -- 5 time Karate/Kickboxing Champion Anthony “Amp” Elmore from Memphis, Tennessee met recently with South African Ambassador Ebrahim Rasool at the South African Embassy in Washington D.C. Elmore notes that this meeting could be the historic breakthrough for African and African/American people that he has pursued for the past two decades. Both in America, Africa and throughout the world the theme is jobs, jobs, jobs. Moreover, both Elmore and Ambassador Rasool are men dedicated at building a better society. Elmore’s purpose for meeting with Ambassador Rasool Elmore was to ask the Republic of South African to honor its African/American family with a “Formal State Reception” an event targeted to be “World’s largest African influenced cultural and family summit in the history of Sub-Saharan Africa. Elmore is clear that he has the right formula and the economic justification that would allow South Africa to adopt the homecoming celebration idea.

The facts are clear, the African/American GDP is 1.1 Trillion USD. If African/Americans were a country it would be the 16th largest economy in the world. Moreover African/Americans spend over 44 Billion a year on travel and most travel is in groups to cultural events. African/Americans travel more in groups than any ethnic group in America. Elmore is clear that economic prosperity is good for both Africa and America. Elmore pointed out to Ambassador Rasool that Africa and South African’s greatest potential trading partners is with its African /American family. Elmore notes that at the snap of finger micro-business enterprises can be set up in both Africa and America and trade job growth can began easily. South African can tap into the African/American distribution network to sell more products in America. This formula is great for micro-business establishments in both America and Africa.

Elmore as a youth was a community activist. In 1990 Elmore traveled to Kenya to premier his movie “The Contemporary Gladiator” a semi-autobiographical story of how Elmore rose from a Community activist, fight promoter and winner of the World Kickboxing title. While in Kenya Elmore realized a “Spiritual awakening” that spurred him to dedicate his life to building relationships with his African family. In 1992 Elmore met with Kenya President Daniel Arap Moi. Elmore explained to President Moi regarding his commitment to Africa. President Moi called Elmore an African Ambassador. Elmore introduced Kickboxing in Kenya, married a Kenya wife and for decades he brought groups to Kenya. Elmore has a unique insight at understanding African/American travel to Africa.

In 1998 Elmore traveled to Accra, Ghana and he entered the African import business where he became a promote designer. Elmore was honored in Memphis as the Importer of the year. In 2006 Elmore created the 1st “All African Home in America.” In 2009 Elmore created an African Style tuxedo for President Obama that was accepted by the Whitehouse. President Obama sent Elmore a thank you note. Also in 2009 Memphis Congressman Steve Cohen mention about Elmore work on the floor of Congress.

Elmore worked extensively in Kenya, Ghana and Ethiopia. Elmore arranged with his Congressman Steve Cohen to set up meetings with African Governments and he met with the Embassies of Kenya, Ghana and Ethiopia. The most heart breaking experience that Elmore faced is the fact that African Governments while their countries face abject poverty have no marketing plans at doing business in America with African/Americans. The African/American GDP is over one trillion dollars and African/Americans spend 44 Billion a year on travel. No African country has a marketing plan to tap the Black market. Africans do not effectively connect with African/American people. Just as major corporations specifically target market African/Americans so must African countries.

Anthony “Amp” Elmore was the 1st African/American to sign a personal service contract with the Adolph Coors Company in 1982. Elmore in the beginning was the “Coors Beer” African/American special Markets department. Elmore was sponsored by Coors for six years as a “Sports Celebrity.” Elmore has a unique insight and understanding of marketing to the African/American market. Elmore defined the marketing tool to attract African/Americans to Africa and doing business with African/American as “Cultural Pathways.” Africa has not put in place “Cultural pathways.” Elmore brings South Africa the ultimate “marketing cultural pathway” called the “Safari Homecoming Celebration.” If South Africa wants tap the African/American over one trillion dollar GDP we give South Africa the “Cultural Mechanism” that will motivate African/Americans to travel and do business with Africa and South Africa.

While it is an economically sound plan for Africa to do business with its over one trillion dollar GDP African/American family it is equally morally right for Africa and African countries to honor its African/American family via inviting African/Americans home. African/Americans suffered through the tragedy of slavery, Jim crow laws moreover African/Americans are citizens of American but family to Africa and Africans. Elmore asked South African Ambassador Rasool and South Africa to honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King and all the brave souls including former South African President Nelson Mandela who worked to liberate African people and bettering humanity. We ask that South African representatives come to Memphis and honor Dr. King by bringing humanity closer together by celebrating of Africa’s children officially coming home to the Continent of Africa to the Republic of South Africa.

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