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Diet Doc Compares Their Fast Weight Loss Methods to the Popular South Beach Diet

While Diet Doc and the South Beach Diet, both reputable weight loss sources, focus on helping their patients improve health through weight loss, Diet Doc stands apart by incorporating their prescription diet products and unlimited personal support system


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/10/2015 -- While there are many reputable diet companies and weight loss methods available on today's market, only a handful seem to really work. The Atkins Diet, Paleo Diet, South Beach Diet and Diet Doc are a few of the diet plans that truly make sense. While each of these diets have their own methods of losing dangerous and embarrassing excess fat, they all encourage their patients to make healthy, low carbohydrate food choices, they all have special tactics for curbing cravings, and they all offer support. Diet Doc feels that their medical diet plans, however, stand apart, even from these top contenders.

While Phase 1 of the South Beach diet provides their patients with a food list designed to stabilize blood sugar levels to eliminate cravings, Diet Doc goes a step further. Because they understand that the temptation to reach for high carbohydrate, processed foods can cause even the most well intended dieter to give in to these powerful urges, they incorporate their pure prescription diet products that actually curb the appetite, control cravings and eliminate loss of energy.

Like the South Beach Diet, Diet Doc offers a wide range of delicious, nutrient-rich food options. The difference between these two diets lies in the methodology of the diet plans. Both diet plans offer their patients an extensive variety of pre-prepared meal options, easily and effortlessly delivered to their home. Diet Doc differs in that they provide their dieters with real nutritionists who are specially educated in nutritional science and who completely understand how and why the body reacts to specific foods. They work closely with each client via phone or internet to develop meal and snack plans that incorporate some of the patient's food preferences and that are compatible with individual lifestyle, medical conditions and nutritional needs that keep patients feeling full and satisfied and the body operating like a well-oiled machine. Patients also consult with a Diet Doc physician who reviews the entire system to uncover cellular toxicities, hormonal imbalances or improperly functioning organs prior to recommending prescription diet products that work to melt fat and eliminate the typical dieting side effects, enabling patients to focus completely on reaching their ideal weight. And, because Diet Doc's staff are all specially trained in the art and science of safe and fast weight loss, patients are reporting losing 20 pounds or more per month without side effects. In addition to knowing that their weight loss team is but a phone call or email away for suggestions, questions and unlimited support, the company also monitors each patient's progress, attitude and comfort level via scheduled weekly checkup calls. This close, personal attention enables the doctors to quickly identify weight loss plateaus and to modify the diet plans, reset the metabolism and return the body to fast fat burn mode.

Diet Doc is committed to providing only the highest quality weight loss supplements, therefore all diet products are manufactured in FDA approved, fully licensed, U.S. based pharmacies. Refills can be easily ordered over the phone or internet for direct shipment and will include a Certificate of Analysis detailing the quality of ingredients, as well as the levels of each active component.

Diet Doc remains dedicated to helping America conquer the obesity battle and celebrates everyone's weight loss success. They have become a leader in the weight loss industry and invite those who want to improve their physical and emotional health through safe and fast weight loss to call or visit

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