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South Beach Smoke Announces Newest Accessory: The Power CigAnnounces Newest Accessory: The Power Cig


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2013 -- South Beach Smoke, a popular electronic cigarette company, offers a better smoking alternative to help smokers switch from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. South Beach Smoke has added an eighth product to their collection of items to accessorize the e-Cig smoking experience.

As a South Beach Smoke customer who enjoys the convenience of the portable batteries and on-the-go e-Cigs, the South Beach Smoke Power e-Cig is perfection! The Power e-Cig combines portability and convenience for the smoking pleasure. The 7.5 foot stretch cord is ideal for being used at a desk or while hanging out at home, and can be expected to deliver a consistent and powerful vapor hit with every puff. South Beach Smoke Power electronic cigarette is the ultimate device that can be used with any of the cartridges and is compatible with any USB port on the computer, or the South Beach Smoke car adapter and wall charger.

South Beach Smoke also offers seven other accessories that include multiple battery options, a personal charging case- that allows a smoker to charge batteries from inside a pack that visually looks like a pack of cigarettes, a wall charger, a USB charger, a car charger, a universal carrying case and a lanyard. The Power e-Cig is just what South Beach Smoke customers have been waiting for!

In order to celebrate the new products launch, South Beach Smoke is offering a 10 percent discount on The Power e-Cig. The affordable, new accessory is priced at just $14.99. And with the added discount, who wouldn’t want to be the first to try the latest gadget?

“With more options to choose from, there’s no reason why a smoker would choose any other brand besides South Beach Smoke. We’re constantly working hard to please our customers and we believe in adding more accessories to make smoking easier for our customers,” said a representative from South Beach Smoke.

Electronic cigarettes, or e-Cigs as they are popularly known, are a high-tech, non-flammable solution for obtaining nicotine without exposure to tobacco. Smokers enjoy a dose of vaporized liquid nicotine solution and exhale water vapor that resembles a puff of smoke, providing a physical sensation and flavor akin to inhaled tobacco smoke. A South Beach Smoke electronic cigarette contains no tobacco, smoke, tar or carcinogens – the most detrimental components of standard cigarettes. This means, not only can smokers enjoy the experience they crave but, they can do so without the life threatening side effects and secondhand smoke intruding on others.

As a leading provider of electronic cigarettes, and consistently ranked #1 on numerous review sites, South Beach Smoke’s products are high quality, affordable and customer service is a top priority. For more information about purchasing a starter kit, visit