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South Beach Smoke: Cigarettes Butts Threatening Ocean Floors


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2013 -- From the Pacific Ocean to the Mississippi River to the Great Lakes there is tons of trash that is generated by natural disasters and human activity. More than anything else, cigarette butts are the most generated piece of trash found in the waters. Last year more than 2 million cigarette butts were found. This number can be significantly reduced should smokers use a South Beach Smoke electronic cigarette.

South Beach Smoke, a popular electronic cigarette company, offers an alternative to smoking that contains no smoke, secondhand smoke, tar or tobacco. The electronic cigarette is a battery powered device. Therefore, once a smoker is done with their e-Cig, they hold onto it for later use instead of tossing a cigarette butt into the ocean.

“Cigarette filters always end up being, if not the top item, one of the top littered items found in the Great Lakes,” said Olga Leandros, research manager for Alliance for The Great Lakes.

Marine debris is certainly preventable.

By removing and reducing the amount of trash in the ocean and waterways the ocean can avoid the pollution from human activity. One way to prevent cigarette butts from being part of marine debris is to enjoy the same smoking experience with a South Beach Smoke electronic cigarette. Electronic cigarettes, or e-Cigs as they are commonly known, are a high-tech, non-flammable solution for obtaining nicotine without exposure to tobacco. The “smoke” found in an e-Cig is pure water vapor, so secondhand smoke is also eliminated. South Beach Smoke e-Cig smokers enjoy a dose of vaporized liquid nicotine solution and exhale water vapor that resembles a puff of smoke, providing a physical sensation and flavor akin to inhaled tobacco smoke.

“People commonly toss their cig butts anywhere they please. At least with an e-Cig the smoker will be more inclined to hold on to the smoking device and less inclined to toss it on the ground or in the trash,” said a representative from South Beach Smoke.

The Deluxe Starter Kit provides the necessary items to begin enjoying the freedom and satisfaction of smoking an electronic cigarette. This kit includes a Lithium Ion Standard Battery, a portable wall charger, a USB charger and five nicotine cartridges. South Beach Smoke offers 10 flavored cartridges: Tobacco Classic, Tobacco Blue, Tobacco Gold, Menthol, Chocolate, Vanilla, Cherry, Peppermint, Pina Colada, and Peach. All flavors come in five different strengths: Bold (24mg), Full Flavored (18mg), Light (12mg), Ultra-Light (6mg) and no nicotine.

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