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South Beach Smoke Releases Pink Battery in Support of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/03/2013 -- South Beach Smoke, the leading provider of electronic cigarettes, is supporting October being National Breast Cancer Awareness Month with the release of their special limited edition pink batteries. Today, South Beach Smoke announced that their most popular Deluxe SuperMAX™ lithium ion battery is available in pink while quantities last and 5% of proceeds will be donated to support the cause.

South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarettes offers an alternative for the smoking community with a device that contains no smoke, no secondhand smoke, no tar and no tobacco. This pink high-capacity battery was created using the latest in lithium ion technology and is the most advanced electronic smoking battery manufactured today. The battery connects to a flavored nicotine cartridge. On one end of the battery is the signature crystal tip, which emits an orange glow when inhaled, providing a realistic looking smoking experience. The LED light also acts as an alert system and will flash when this smart battery needs to be recharged. The South Beach Smoke SuperMAX™ Battery is the easiest battery to use and allows your electronic cigarette to operate like a traditional cigarette, only better. When the electronic cigarette is puffed it tells a computer chip located inside the battery activates the atomizer and will automatically produce pure vapor.

“We are happy to support National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in our own way. We think these pink batteries are a stylish item with cutting-edge lithium ion technology. We look forward to donating a percentage of our proceeds to help this important charity. You can give this pink battery as a gift to your mom, aunt, sister, cousin or friend as an alternative to traditional cigarettes” said a representative from South Beach Smoke.

Smoke South Beach Smoke offers a better smoking alternative with their premium electronic cigarettes. These e-cigs are a high-tech, non-flammable solution for obtaining nicotine without exposure to tobacco. South Beach Smoke offers three starter kits that provide the necessary items to begin enjoying the freedom and satisfaction of smoking virtually anywhere. In addition to these kits, South Beach Smoke also offers 10 flavored cartridges: 3 Tobacco Blends, Menthol, Vanilla, Cherry, Peppermint, Chocolate, Piña Colada and Peach. All flavors are available in five different strengths: Bold (24mg), Full Flavored (18mg), Light (12mg), Ultra-Light (6mg) and No Nicotine (0mg).

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South Beach Smoke is one of the most trusted and highest-rated electronic cigarette brands. It is the first e-cigarette to feature the award-winning technology of the SuperMax™ Battery. South Beach Smoke is the premier brand for countless satisfied e-smokers with high performance, stylish design and a variety of flavors and nicotine levels that contain 100% USA-made e-liquid. For more information, visit