South Cowichan Eyecare

South Cowichan Eyecare Brings Cutting Edge Tech to Cobble Hill

New Keratograph Technology Represents Revolution In Disease Detection


Cobble Hill, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/31/2015 -- South Cowichan Eyecare, a local Cobble Hill eye care practice with a reputation for tech focused, customer centered approach to eyecare, proudly introduces the latest addition to their practice, Keratograph technology.

Commenting on the new technology, Dr. Trevor Miranda, one of the foremost doctors at South Cowichan Eyecare, says, "In an effort to deliver a world class eye care experience to our patients, we have consistently committed ourselves to investing in the latest technology. The Keratograph is an exciting new instrument that provides a look into the future of the health of your eyes, utilizing multiple functions to allow us to diagnose a number of diseases in the absence of obvious symptoms. It is a very comfortable, convenient and accurate test, which is completely non-invasive and requires only 10 minutes for testing."

The Keratograph is particularly important in the diagnosis and treatment of dry eye disease. Tests such as how quickly your tears evaporate, unevenness in the cornea and the state of some of the glands associated with tear production allow our doctors to diagnose and monitor dry eye disease. Whereas, in the past, monitoring was based solely on the patient's symptoms, the new Keratograph allows for monitoring of signs of disease progression, which aids in monitoring and treatment.

Using the corneal topography function, the Keratograph is also able to give an in depth analysis of the "hills and valleys" of a patient's cornea. This is important in diagnosing certain corneal diseases such as keratoconus, in which early diagnosis is key in allowing for surgical intervention and slowing down progression. It is also important for optimizing contact lens fitting for patients with high or irregular astigmatism.

Dry eye patients, contact lens patients and patients undergoing cataract surgery are all recommended for testing using South Cowichan's new Keratograph.

For more information, contact Dr. Miranda today at South Cowichan Eyecare in Cobble Hill, British Columbia.