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South East General Contractors Offers Roofing Tips for the 2018 Hurricane Season


Melbourne, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/16/2018 -- Southeast General Contractors of Melbourne is providing roofing tips to help homeowners prepare for the 2018 hurricane season. After all, the Atlantic hurricane season begins in a few months, so now would be an excellent time for homeowners to prepare their roofs for potential storm activity. Here's what Larry McDonald of Southeast General Contractors had to say about preparing a home for hurricane season:

"You can never be too early to prepare your home for a hurricane and that includes roof repair. If you start making repairs to your roof and windows now, you won't have to worry when a storm is announced on the television and radio. In fact, waiting until the last minute to repair your roof or any other area of your home usually doesn't work out in your favor. It takes time to do a repair reliably and in most cases only having 3 days before a hurricane hits isn't going to cut it. After all, some of the material you need may need has to be ordered from the manufacturer and even if it's at a hardware store, there's a chance everyone else in town is going to be after it as well. Also, some repair work can't be done correctly in the rain, which is the usual weather before a hurricane arrives. Also, if you call a general contractor to do the repair or replacement work for you, you're going to be on long list of people who called before you. In some cases, you may not get an appointment before the hurricane. That's why now is the time to get things ready. You literally have 2 months before hurricane season starts. That's a fair amount of time to repair your roof or schedule an appointment for a roof inspection. Whatever you do, don't wait till June to get things doing.Get the ball rolling today. You do not want to go through a hurricane with a damaged roof or broken windows."

Here are some roofing tips from Southeast General Contractors:

- Inspect for Damage - A roof inspection is critical. Signs of roof damage are missing shingles or tiles, curling shingles, dark spots, leaning chimneys, buckling,peeling paint, stained ceilings, stained walls, and clogged gutters. If any of this is noticed, a call to a local roof repair man is in order.

- Get a Professional Roof Inspection - It's a smart idea to have a professional roof repairman do a thorough roof inspection. They will be able to give an accurate depiction of the roof and recommend repair work if needed. At the very least, if nothing is found, homeowners will know their roof is ready for a hurricane.

- Keep Gutters Clear - The purpose of a gutter system is to keep rainwater off of a roof. When gutters are clogged, the rainwater has nowhere to go and pools on top of the roof. This causes water damage. Homeowners that want to prevent that need to keep their gutters clean and free of any clogs.

- Repair Damage Immediately - If any roof damage is found, it needs to be repaired immediately. If any shingles or tiles are missing, they need to be replaced quickly.

- Keep Debris Away - Trees and bushes that are within close proximity of a roof, need to be trimmed to prevent limbs falling on it during a storm.

- Shutter Windows - Shuttering windows during a hurricane is an effective way to protect a roof during a hurricane, because it keeps hurricane force winds out of the home that could cause major damage to the roof.

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