South Florida Lawn Care Specialist Offers Personalized Service


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/21/2015 -- PowerX, a leading provider of professional South Florida Lawn Care, provides tailor-made solutions to clients based on their unique needs and challenges. As opposed to the standard practices of the industry, which tend to be generic, PowerX places an emphasis on carefully assessing a property before commencing with treatments that are blended on-site for precise solutions.

PowerX serves homeowners, businesses, and home owners associations by offering expertise and equipment that is capable of handling a wide variety of property types. The company's highly qualified and licensed technicians are well versed in South Florida's unique flora and fauna, which subsequently allows them to find precise solutions to the unique infestations or problems affecting lawns in the region.

Moreover, PowerX's chemical treatments are proprietary, Eco-friendly, and carefully blended based on precise and customized mixing applications. This ensures both optimal effectiveness and public and environmental safety. Even following the rendering of services, PowerX will continue to offer regular monitoring and management services to ensure that lawns remain in viable long-term conditions.

As part of its commitment to convenient and personalized services, PowerX will also offer a South Florida Lawn Care Free Estimate, with first-time service being 50 percent off for those who reference the website's ad. Those wishing to learn more can contact 1.800.555.0170 or click here.