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South Florida Scrap Metal Recycling Center Launches New Website

Miami Metal Recycling Center, Eagle Recycling LLC, has contracted NetLinks to develop a new HTML 5 website focused on bringing added visibility to the company's range of services.


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/26/2013 -- Eagle Scrap Metal Recycling in Miami, Florida has contracted NetLinks, a division of Vertical Marketing LLC, [VerticalMarketing.Co] to launch a new website and marketing campaign with the goal of exposing the company's metal recycling services to a wider audience.

NetLinks [NetLinks.Co] is a Miami web design company specializing in internet marketing and branding for small to medium size businesses. Eagle’s new website [] is running on Vertical Marketing's proprietary CMS for added search engine optimization capabilities and is focused on bringing additional visibility to the company's extended services which reaches beyond the company's core business of recycling ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

In just a few years and under the leadership of Jorge Velazquez, Jr., Eagle Metal Recycling has become a leader in the South Florida metal recycling industry. Today the company conducts business in the tri-county area, serving Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties. However, in recent months, Eagle Recycling LLC has started expanding its operation to cover new territories throughout the Caribbean.

Recycling is important to all since it takes only about 5 percent of the energy and emissions to recycle aluminum, copper and other metals verses what is required to extract them from their natural sources. For this reason and in order to preserve our natural resources and the environment, Eagle Scrap Metal Recycling has assembled a complete array of services that allows both individuals and businesses who have or generate scrap metal to recycle with ease. These services range from a friendly drive up four acres facility in the heart of Miami to FREE pick up, hauling and demolition of any size structure. Starting from water tanks and chillers to junk car, trucks and busses to metal ships and airplanes, Eagle Scrap Metal Recycling will not only take it all but compensate you for it.

For more information on Eagle Recycling LLC, please visit or contact them at the address below.

Company information:
Eagle Recycling LLC
7001 NW 36 Ave
Miami, FL 33147
Phone - 305-836-0662
Fax - 305-836-0688