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South Florida Welcomes the Boca BrickHouse Fitness Center & Gym to Boca Raton


Boca Raton, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/29/2013 -- Grand Opening July 24, 2013. Have you ever wondered what happened to the “Old School HardCore Gyms” of yesteryear? Well wonder no more as the Boca Brickhouse a Boca Fitness Center and an exclusive private training facility located in East Boca, has officially opened to the public.

It is a gym with Old School roots and new School Training mentality seasoned with a Military flair. And it is quickly gaining popularity due to its wide range of services, reasonable pricing, and unique classes. Don’t think this is for you? You might want to think again, as they offer something for everybody! A basic gym membership allows you to access a training room unparalleled in South Florida. Complete with DB, Barbells, Tires, Suspension cage, TRX, Rings, adjustable Vault Wall, Tires, Sand Pit, Hanging Ropes, Kettle bells. various Grip Trainers, and much more! Oh did I mention Tires? They have 15 Tires ranging from 125lbs to 1300lbs and plenty of room to use them.

In a nutshell, the Boca Brickhouse is an unrivalled, coaching-oriented strength and conditioning training facility providing instruction in all aspects of physical fitness and developing Real World Strength in individuals.

Some of their Training programs available include:

- Personal Training
1. One-on-One
2. Train with a Friend (or two)

- Group Training
1. Military Basic Training
2. Combat Conditioning
3. Kids / Tween / Teen Training
4. Sports Specific Training
5. Zumba, KickBoxing, and Heavy Bag Combat Cardio
6. Men and Women’s Self-Defense courses

The Junior Brickhouse, located in the Boca Brickhouse Athletic Training Center, is a physical fitness and personal development afterschool program and camp for school age children.

- After School Program (Day & Summer Camp available as well)
1. Pick up from school
2. Homework checked with Tutoring available
3. Anti-Bullying and Self-Defense Programs
4. Sport of the week and traditional “backyard” activities

Christine Kochte, owner of the Boca BrickHouse, sums it up best when she was asked “What makes the Boca Brickhouse so different than any other gym?” Her simple and succinct reply was “We believe in making the body move and behave in the manner it was originally designed to do.” She went on to state that “None of us are exactly the same, so why should we limit ourselves to moving like everyone else. Everybody moves just a little different due to height, weight, age, or injuries. So how can you expect everyone to train the same and the answer is you can’t. We are individuals with individual goals and motivations. We believe that by properly building a foundation through correct form and continuous education you will be able to build the house you want, Brick by Brick.”

Kirk Kochte of the Boca Brickhouse, is the Military and Combat Based Instructor as well as one of the Personal Trainers, He is a 20yr Navy Veteran (ret.) who spent his career involved in training members of the Navy for the physical rigors of Military life. He specialized conducting Security Force Training, Combat Training (Hand-to-Hand and Small Arms), and Physical Fitness Training. His has been recognized throughout his career for his innovative and successful training programs. Several of those programs were adopted by the U.S. Navy and are still in use today for their Boarding Inspection Teams.

To introduce the gym and its staff to the community, they will be holding a Grand Opening ceremony starting at 5:30pm on July 24th, 2013. The Ribbon cutting will take place at 5:45 and the festivities will commence immediately following. The Boca Brickhouse will be open for everyone to come tour this unique and exciting place. All in attendance will receive a one week free gym pass and be entered to win several prizes donated by our community partners, to include but not limited to: Pie-Zanos, Boca Aviation, 1-800-Shipping, Dr. Bartell, and many more.

Media Contact:
The Location of Grand Opening:
2880 NW 2nd Ave suite #2
(on the North Side of the bldg.)
Boca Raton, FL 33431

About Us:
For more information visit their website or call 561-235-2240.