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South Floridians Giving the Gift of Life With One Beat CPR Training


Fort Lauderdale, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/26/2011 -- More businesses and families are offering the gift of life this holiday season with CPR training from One Beat CPR. The CPR training South Florida team is comprised of highly experienced firefighters, paramedics and police officers who provide affordable lifesaving education classes for families, schools and businesses.

The adult CPR training Miami professionals of One Beat CPR have been working to provide South Florida’s businesses, groups and medical professionals with CPR training for the last dozen years. In fact, the CPR training center has trained thousands of individuals, families, businesses and medical professionals in lifesaving CPR techniques. With the holiday season, the family owned business is seeing an upsurge in CPR class participation. “We’ve always advocated CPR training as the gift of life and now businesses and families are taking that to heart by offering training as a true lifesaving holiday gift,” said One Beat CPR Founder Lon Rosen.

As a twelve year veteran of the Key Biscayne Fire Department, Rosen sees the real world effects of CPR training on a daily basis. “It seemed ideal to pull together a team of first responders for CPR training classes Miami residents could count on for CPR training,” said Rosen. “We’ve got years of real world experience under our belts so people know that we’ve used it many times to save lives in a multitude of situations.”

With the ever-present threat of child drowning or airway obstruction, infant CPR Miami training courses should be taken by every family with young children. In order to further protect the vulnerable, many throughout South Florida are participating in One Beat CPR’s CPR/AED healthcare training program, which teaches these techniques along with the use of Automated External Defibrillators (AED). “With AED certifications Miami residents can use portable defibrillators that increase children and adult cardiac arrest survival chances by more than 50 percent,” said Rosen. “We’ve become exclusive Philips defibrillators and accessories Partners to provide both the devices and the training at an affordable price.”

In addition to beginning and advanced CPR training, One Beat CPR provides a wealth of programs in first aid, blood-borne pathogens, emergency oxygen administration and portable fire extinguishers. All of the affordable classes can be offered at the workplace, home or the participant’s location of choice in Florida. For more information, please visit http://www.onebeatcpr.com/

About One Beat CPR
One Beat CPR is Florida’s premier CPR Training Center teaching all levels and types of CPR training for families, schools, businesses and medical professionals. The family-owned company’s training team consists of firefighters, paramedics and police officers with years of real life experience. In addition to hands-on CPR classes (AHA and ASHI CPR certified), the company is an exclusive Philips defibrillators and accessories Partner.