South Korea Is Top 'Flashpacking' Travel Destination for 2013


Liverpool, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/26/2012 -- After a year on the road, ‘flashpackers’ Craig and John have travelled to many countries around Asia and Oceania. The forty-something couple write a popular around the world travel blog. Highlights from their world trip include destinations such as Cambodia, Philippines, Japan, China and India. However, one country ranks highest out of all the locations they’ve visited in 2012. South Korea is still not at the top of most travellers must see destinations; this is something they are trying to change. The RTW travellers share their reasons for voting “South Korea Recommended Top Pick Travel Destination for 2013”

Looking for an Exciting New Travel Itinerary in 2013?

Travelling on a long-term basis, around the world, you have to be aware of your budget and try to cut costs and obtain value whenever possible. This has an impact on where and how long you decide to stay in certain places. South Korea has something to offer travellers on any budget, with its excellent ‘Travel & Tourism’ infrastructure making it easy for visitors to tour this beautiful and modern country whatever your finances.

Is South Korea A Low Cost Budget Destination?

Korea is more expensive than your average South East Asian country. South Korea does provide a wide range of accommodation options for all types of tourist, offering backpacking dorm style accommodation through to luxurious international hotel chains. However, it is a great deal cheaper than visiting Japan for those who want to experience a different cultural from other more popular Asian destinations and have more of a ‘flashpacking’ budget. In fact, there are many similarities and differences between Japan and South Korea. If you are travelling on a budget there are some amazing food markets where you can sample Korea’s large and varied menu of dishes at a very reasonable price. The diet is not only rich in fish and seafood, but also in pork and beef. The best place to sample the country’s unique food offerings is at a world famous Korean BBQ. Korean’s are also incredibly generous, proud and hospitable people so you are never alone or struggle with advice or tips. Transport costs are much cheaper in South Korea for flights, trains, and buses compared to Japan.

Top 3: Must See Places to Visit in South Korea

Gyeongju contains many UNESCO listed sites and is rich in history. The ancient tombs of past kings make for a worthwhile visit as you won’t see this anywhere else in the world. You can also stop at one of the seafood restaurants along the coast and enjoy some fresh fish.

Jeju island is easy and cheap to fly to making it a worth addition to your travel itinerary. As there is so much to do on the island it is a good idea to hire a car to get around. The geology of the island of Jeju makes for some exceptional natural vistas so is popular with hikers. There is plenty of sightseeing to be done so it’s best to do some travel planning as you don’t want to be overwhelmed with the amount of options available to tourists.

Seoul is a modern capital city that still manages to retain its historical past. There are many excellent bars, hotels and clubs to meet any budget. The city is very affluent and has some new and old architecture. There are many tours available to visitors in Seoul.

South Korean Traditional Festivals & Events

South Korea has a sophisticated range of events and festivals taking place all year round. Getting to know about these events is easy thanks to the great services offered by Korea’s travel and tourism department. This makes travel around the country easy for visitors. Events range from ancient rituals to contemporary film and arts festivals. Events worth particular mention are the annual Korea Bull Fighting Competition and the Jinju Lantern Festival.

Things to do in South Korea

Some of Korea’s museums can be very quirky. There are museums for everything in Korea from chocolate, teddy bears, toilets and even love museums. However, there are more conventional museums containing some national treasures and ancient artefacts. For the more traditional, just head to a local market to experience the ambience and friendliness of Korean hospitality.

South Korea has a thriving and modern economy. It has some great contemporary buildings, an excellent and efficient transport system to get around. Visitors are encouraged to learn about Korea’s past. The country has some amazing temples and historic forts and castles which make for interesting and educational

The Journey Continues

After the travel duo complete their tour of Asia in February 2013, they are planning to head towards Turkey and Eastern Europe and continue their trip across Europe ending back the UK. After a few weeks back in England they plan to head off to the USA. John said, “South Korea is a very special place that we hope to visit again. We were pleasantly surprised at how beautiful the country is making it our top travel destination for 2013.”

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