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Southern Irrigation Announces Availability for Irrigation Blow Outs


Nashville, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/24/2014 -- After last year’s record low temperatures sweeping the nation, residents everywhere are urged to be sure to winterize all equipment that will be exposed to the weather. One area that is often forgotten is residential irrigation systems, as homeowners overlook these hidden devices or they feel the ground will keep them insulated enough. Just in time to help home-owners of the Greater Nashville area prepare for another harsh winter, Southern Irrigation has announced its availability to perform irrigation blow outs. The company will be offering this service from October 21st through Thanksgiving weekend.

Hiring the professionals will ensure the irrigation blow out in Gallatin, TN is properly done. If not done properly, dropping temperatures can compromise the system. The water would become trapped in the hoses and pipes, expanding as it freezes. The expansion could be too much for the pipes to handle, and they could burst and cause extensive damage to the property, as well as leaving the residence without water for several days.

In order to blow out the pipes, Southern irrigation will first shut off the water going to the system. Next, they will hook their state of the art compressor and pump compressed air through each zone of the system, forcing all water out. It is important to have a professional perform the winterization as these systems are very easy to harm. If not enough air is pumped through, water may remain in the pipes and expand. If too much air is pumped through, friction between the dry pipe and compressed air will heat up and damage the system.

When looking for a company to winterize sprinklers around Brentwood, TN, Southern Irrigation is the premier provider in all residential irrigation needs. For more information on the services they offer, visit their website and call 615-266-4509 to schedule an appointment today.

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