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Southern Irrigation Announces Residential Outdoor Landscape Lighting Services


Nashville, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2013 -- During the summer months, many families host backyard BBQs, birthday parties and other events at their home. Often times, parties go late into the night and the last thing people need is to be sitting around in the dark. Luckily for them, Southern Irrigation now offers LED landscape lighting in Nashville, TN. Traditional lighting comes up short when compared to the many advantages offered by LED landscape lighting. Opposed to the average time of 5,000 hours lasted by traditional lighting, LED bulbs last about 40,000-50,000 hours. Not only will LED bulbs light up the backyard parties longer this summer, they will also save families money by not having to replace to bulbs as much.

Southern Irrigation also offers Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting on all residential properties in Nashville, TN. This is another type of lighting that will save families money, while giving their home a fresh, new look. This type of lighting is an effective way to highlight the creative design of a home, along with enhancing the beauty of a well-done landscape. Friends and family members that visit for a nighttime BBQ will feel like a celebrity as they walk into the back yard. With the patio, deck and pool well-lit, the Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting will turn the yard into an irresistible place to be.

Not only will the Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting turn the home into a new nightlife establishment for the summer, it will also improve the safety of the home by enhancing the security of the walkway and driveway leading up to the front and back doors of the home. No matter what look customers are looking to give their home this summer, Southern Irrigation offers multiple cost-effective options that will give their yard a new look. Southern Irrigation has installed and maintained over hundreds of lighting systems for residents living in Nashville, TN, so there will be no need to worry about the work being done on the home.

About Southern Irrigation
Founded in 2005 by its parenting company, The Kore, Southern Irrigation has grown into a company that is heavily relied on by its neighbors and the surrounding communities. Going through a reinvention phase in 2011, Southern Irrigation continues to dominate the irrigation and landscape lighting industry. Greater Nashville, Tennessee and surrounding areas have been positively impacted by the team at Southern Irrigation. Southern Irrigation continues to expand its territory today, servicing properties as far as Franklin and Murfreesboro to Clarksville, TN.

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