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Southern Irrigation Now Offering Irrigation Repair in the Middle Tennessee Area


Nashville, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/20/2013 -- Problems with sprinkler systems are common in the summer months and Southern Irrigation is now offering to repair customers sprinkler irrigation as summer turns to autumn. For individuals, trying to repair a sprinkler system only causes headaches and frustration. Calling in the professionals will save time and have the system repaired without further damaging the irrigation and the lawn. Whether clients have a commercial or residential property that needs fixing, Southern Irrigation is there to solve the problem sufficiently.

It is beneficial to get the irrigation maintenance taken care of before the cold winter months cause further damage. The professionals at Southern Irrigation are capable of troubleshooting and repairing irrigation systems in an economically efficient manner. Problems to irrigation could be due to drainage pipes, the nozzle needing adjustment, or collected water in the irrigation system. Southern Irrigation provides irrigation repair in Franklin, TN and the greater Nashville area that will leave their clients confident and proud to display their lawn.

To prevent further problems with the lawn, Southern Irrigation offers residential outdoor LED landscape lighting in Nashville, TN for homeowners to keep an eye on their lawn when the sun goes down. Receiving the installation of LED lighting will allow the outdoor bulbs to last up to 50,000 hours, decreasing the amount of bulb changes and additional costs of keeping up with outdoor lighting. Southern Irrigation offers different sizes and shapes to fit the watt of the bulb required for any customers home. Additionally, the LED lights conserve energy while possessing the ability to reach a greater distance than normal bulbs. This will allow customers to locate areas of the lawn that may need to be repaired while illuminating the beauty of the house.

In order to prevent damage or waste further water with a faulty irrigation system, call 615-266-4509 today to repair the irrigation and have best-looking lawn in town.

About Southern Irrigation
Founded in 2005 by its parenting company, The Kore, Southern Irrigation has grown into a company that is heavily relied on by its neighbors and the surrounding community. Going through a reinvention phase in 2011, Southern Irrigation has been able to dominate the irrigation and landscape lighting industry. Greater Nashville Tennessee and surrounding areas have been positively impacted by the team at Southern Irrigation. Southern Irrigation continues to expand its territory today.

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