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Southern Louisiana Faces Dramatic Weather Changes Causing Shifts in the Local Fishing Forecast

Southern Louisiana fisherman battle cold weather and drastic changes in barometric pressure as they fight to successfully catch fish.


Orange County, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/28/2012 -- Southern Louisiana is home to some of the coldest and most frantic weather changes in the United States. This leads to chaos and confusion not just on land but in the water as well. It has been recently discovered that the constant increase and decrease in weather climate creates a high level of pressure through out the bodies of water in the area. This contributes to, as stated by Jerald Horst, a retired Louisiana State University fisheries biologist, "the quelling effect on the feeding activity of speckled trout and redfish. There's no scientific proof that barometric pressure causes fish to feed less, but we can definitely show a cause and effect."

Horst continues in explaining that while there is no proof that barometric pressure is the direct result of a change in the eating habits of fish it does seem to correlate. Fish tend to be exceptionally sensitive to a change of environment and it would be fairly reasonable to assume that a change in barometric pressure would cause an alteration in their behavior.

Additionally effective is the relationship that fish have to cold water. As water temperatures decrease it is known that cold-blooded creatures have a hard time feeling energize. As water looses warmth it reaches a level that matches the same temperature as the bodies of cold-blooded creatures. This causes these animals to go into a lethargic "comatose state."

As soon as the cold front drifts in it is overtly noticeable that the fish stop biting the lures of fisherman. It has become a routine known to this area so often that fisherman now recognize the change and stay home for a day or two avoiding the sport all together until temperatures rise again. Anglers of Southeast Louisiana have even learned to cancel a whole fishing trip due to a drop in barometric pressure.

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