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Southport, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2019 -- Most people know what cloisonné is, even though they do not know the work.

It is artwork in which enamel, glass or gemstones are placed in a piece and then separated by steps of flattened wire. All this is placed on a metal back.

"In one way, it is like stained glass. The pieces of color glass are separated by threads of lead. But cloisonné is not meant to be seen through; it has a metal back that prevents light from coming through it. Cloisonné is also found in far more forms than stained glass," said Barbara Bennett, owner of Barbara Bennett Designs a custom jewelry shop on the North Carolina Coast.

Ms. Bennett retired from the restaurant design field in 2011 and opened her shop. She also taught silversmithing at Brunswick Community College. She has years of experience in the design field which she brings to every piece of cloisonné she offers.

"This is a passion for me," she said from her shop looking over the latest piece to go into a kiln for firing. "Certainly, I love the artist process that I go through, but what means the most is when someone buys one of my creations and says it is just a perfect fit for them. Knowing my work reached out and touched someone that way a feeling like none other."

In other to spread the word of her unique creations, Ms. Bennett has teamed with Holly Powell at the Soaring Away public relations and marketing agency. Ms. Bennett said she heard great things about Soaring Away. Furthermore, she'd much rather concentrate on her design work.

"Knowing that Holly can take care of my online marketing and help get the word out for me a major relief. It leaves me free to take care of my business, making cloisonné and handling orders," she said. "That is what I opened this business to do."

Ms. Powell said she is pleased to work with Ms. Bennett and looks forward to telling the world about the art that comes from N. Carolina's coast.

"I've seen Barbara's work. I am simply amazed at the work she puts into each piece. When more people learn about this, her creations will be in even higher demand," Ms. Powell said.

About Barbara Bennett Designs
Cloisonné is an ancient method of decorating metalwork objects. Within recent centuries, vitreous enamel was used, and inlays of glass, cut gemstones, and other materials also have been used during older times. The resulting objects also can be called cloisonné. Barbara's work is more contemporary, yet she still applies the same techniques. The decoration gets formed by initially adding compartments to the metal object by affixing or soldering silver wires or thin strips that are placed on their corners.

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