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Southwest Construction Announces Bespoke Room Addition Service in Los Angeles, California


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/28/2013 -- In Los Angeles, a great way to add equity to a property is to develop it by adding extra rooms. Families are getting larger and many people also find it advantageous to sub let a room to a tenant to help pay the bills by leveraging the inherent worth of the property. In order to take advantage of additional rooms, those rooms must be created according to stringent health and safety standards and many contractors charge a premium to take control of the project from the client. Southwest Construction are a construction company in Los Angeles that do things differently, as a family owned company that allows flexibility in all the projects it takes on.

Room addition can be from the foundations up and fitted to any scale of space or budget. They are able to perform every stage of the design and construction independently so that clients can choose how much involvement they want in the project, making room addition in Los Angeles easier and more affordable than ever.

A spokesperson for Southwest Construction explained, “We understand that in order to survive and thrive as a company we have to respond flexibly to the demands of our customers. Some individuals have skills of their own that can help them cut costs on housing development projects and they don’t want us to handle certain aspects of the project. In that case, we handle the rest and let them manage certain aspects using their skills to save money. At the same time, we have expert teams in every side of construction so that no matter what individuals need help with, we can provide those services effectively and affordably. Ambitious construction projects are about finding a way to achieve something, not finding reasons not to, and our clients see things the same way.”

About Southwest Construction
Southwest Construction is a family owned and operated one stop construction company. As a Design and Build firm they assure complete satisfaction from beginning to end. Southwest Construction understands that keeping costs down is a priority for most homeowners and has developed a one of kind system which allows clients to choose the extent to which they want Southwest Construction to work on the project, from design to manufacture to installation. For more information, please visit: