Southwest Gas Is Committed to Delivering Safe and Reliable Service During COVID-19 Crisis


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/24/2020 -- As an essential business providing safe and reliable natural gas services for more than 2 million customers in Arizona, California and Nevada, Southwest Gas remains open for business during the COVID-19 outbreak. Southwest Gas continues to ensure that customers can rely on their natural gas service to keep them comfortable at home, to cook, heat water and homes, and dry clothes, more now than ever before, as well as respond to all safety-related issues in the same swift manner we adhere to every day.

Southwest Gas is maintaining normal business operations as an essential business providing safe and reliable natural gas service. In addition, for any customer facing financial hardships due to COVID-19, Southwest Gas has issued a moratorium on disconnects and is offering flexible payment options.

Enhanced Precautions to Protect Customers.
Southwest Gas adopted enhanced hygiene practices. Crews are required to wear protective gloves and safety glasses when conducting business inside a customer's home or business and practice social distancing, maintaining a six-foot distance at all times. Handshakes and requiring customer signatures on documents will also be removed from standard practices at this time. Southwest Gas' public offices and payment kiosks will remain open. However, no more than ten people will be allowed in the office at a time, per CDC recommendations.

Suspension of Disconnections Due to Non-payment
The company knows the uncertainty and instability of the current situation will create financial hardships for many customers. To help offer peace of mind, Southwest Gas has indefinitely suspended all service disconnections throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

Self Service Account Management Tools
Customers can manage their account from the comfort of their homes 24/7 using our website swgas.com and our mobile app.

Energy Saving Tips
More customers are staying at home as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, which means an increased use of energy. Southwest Gas has resources and tips to help customers save energy. To learn more about how to conserve energy, visit www.swgas.com/tips.

Financial Assistance Programs
Southwest Gas also offers financial assistance programs for income qualified customers in the various states we serve. Find out more at www.swgas.com.

Scam Awareness
Scammers typically take advantage of uncertain times to scam unaware citizens. As such, Southwest Gas is customers to remain vigilant, and call Southwest Gas to verify if in doubt. Southwest Gas will never call or show up at a customer's door to demand payment with the threat of disrupting service. If a customer gets a call or a knock from a suspicious person, they're advised to hang up the phone or close the door and call Southwest Gas at 877-860-6020. Southwest Gas technicians will also be in a branded uniform and have proper identification on hand to present to the customer. If in doubt, customers can check their account status 24/7 on swgas.com and our mobile app or call us at 877-860-6020 to verify.

If You Suspect a Leak
Southwest Gas reminds the public that a natural gas leak can be detected by a distinct sulfur-like odor, like rotten eggs, even if it's faint or momentary. Unusual hissing or roaring coming from the ground or an above-ground pipeline, bubbling water and discolored plants or grass surrounding a pipeline, can also be signs of a leak. Call 911 and Southwest Gas immediately if you smell natural gas.

Southwest Gas Corporation provides safe and reliable natural gas service to over two million customers in Arizona, California and Nevada.

For media information, contact:
Amy Washburn- 602-763-3289