Sozialy Reveals the Top 10 Strategies for Increasing Instagram Followers

There's no denying that Instagram is a popular social network. It's a platform that allows individuals and businesses to share photos and images online.


Buenos Aires, Argentina -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/14/2016 -- There's no denying that Instagram is a popular social network. It's a platform that allows individuals and businesses to share photos and images online. These days, a lot of viral content from landscape scenes to memes get shared on Instagram.

But, content can only become viral if the account holders in question have a lot of followers. There are a plethora of ways to grow follower numbers and gain online clout. The sad truth is that many of them seldom work out as anticipated. To combat that problem, Sozialy has come up with a solution.

They have identified the top ten strategies for increasing Instagram followers. What's more, they are proven ones that work! In no particular order, the strategies are as follows:

1. Use hashtags in every post. Examples like #FF and #followback help to gain new followers for any Instagram account.

2. Like random images from existing followers. For every 100 likes, one can expect around five or more new followers. Be sure to like images from followers relevant to the account or brand.

3. Pay for some Instagram followers. Buying Instagram followers is an ideal way to kick-start any new account on the platform. And it can provide a welcome boost to established ones too.

4. Look out for and use trending hashtags. When trying to grow a brand online, the use of trending hashtags always helps. Of course, it makes sense only to use ones that are relevant to the brand or images.

5. Schedule new images. Using services like Hootsuite, one can schedule future images to get posted. The idea is only to post at times where you've got the largest audience.

6. Don't be afraid to use photo filters. Instagram is all about the creative use of photography filters. Use the app's built-in ones if posting from a mobile device. Or, use software like Adobe Photoshop to edit images on a desktop.

7. Use the captions as an opportunity to ask questions. When asking an audience questions, Instagram users are more likely to comment and engage.

8. Use analytics tools. It's important to identify when one's followers are most active and how they respond to new posts. Online analytics tools can offer that information and more.

9. Post new images several times a day. Believe it or not, engagement rates will be higher the more times a day images get posted.

10. Don't forget to use geotagging. When an image or photo gets geotagged, it can help promote an account to a local audience.

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