Space Bacon LLC Announces Online Business in a Box, XL Empire

Software offered through XL Empire allows members to create automated t-shirt designs and market them at affordable rates


Clayton, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2013 -- Space Bacon has declared the launch of the website, XL Empire. XL Empire is an online business opportunity for internet marketers. It provides the necessary software required to create a 100% automated t-shirt designs that can be printed on demand.

The software offered by the website does the bulk of the work and provides members with flexibility and a steady income. The software automatically generates the ideas for t-shirt designs via quotations, song lyrics, movies, and text messages, among a number of other resources. It allows member to design t-shirts and publish these t-shirts effortlessly to a Screened.com shop. It is the ideal business in a box.

The t-shirts created through XL Empire have the unique ability to promote themselves. This is made possible by submitting the required information for social media network profiles such as Wanelo, Twitter, and Pinterest. The software seeds the t-shirt designs to these websites and in addition develops a variety of long tail keywords guaranteed to produce result on the forefront on search engines like Google. The software is user friendly and the entire procedure of creating and marketing t-shirt designs is simplified. XL Empire shows that the road to success is not always paved with difficulties.

Interested members can receive assistance in developing a t-shirt business by paying a small overhead cost. There are three packages offered. Members can test the effectiveness of the software and marketing assistance of XL Empire by subscribing on a monthly level. If they are satisfied with the services they can move on to the yearly package or the lifetime unlimited package. The monthly package is priced at $97, while the yearly package is priced at $495. The lifetime unlimited package is available for only $695 considering the value it offers in return.

The features offered are dependent on the package chosen. The monthly and yearly package offer features such as Two PC, One User License, Monthly Updates & New Features, Skype Support Group, and Comprehensive Training. The lifetime unlimited package offers these same features with the exception of Four PCs instead of only two.

XL Empire has been well received as an effective tool to online business success. As one of the reviews says, “As a web automation professional, I've used my fair share of internet marketing bots. None have been as useful and complete as XL Empire. This bot has exponentially paid for itself several times over. Hands down, it is one of the best investments I have made to date.”

To know more about how to start a t-shirt business visit http://xlempire.com/

About XL Empire
XL Empire was founded by Burton Lancaster. It was created to provide online business entrepreneurs with the opportunity to develop their own t-shirt businesses at a minimum investment. The software offered by XL Empire simplifies the work involved to a large extent and so allows for flexibility.

Media Contact:
Burton Lancaster
Space Bacon LLC
Phone: (919) 585-1478
Email: hello@spacebaconllc.com
Website: http://xlempire.com/