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Space Makers Sheds Unveils Rent-to-Own Program


Bear, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2013 -- For many years homeowners have avoided on-site storage solutions because of the seemingly high initial cost. The homeowners believed that it would be cheaper to use an off-site storage site or to live with the clutter around the house. At Spacemakerssheds they have devised a way for homeowners to get the sheds that they need, without a steep setup fee. The rent-to-own program at Spacemakerssheds gives homeowners instant access to pre-built and customized storage sheds.

Customers can visit to begin the shed selection process. Here they will find a list of all the pre-built shed options that Spacemakerssheds has available. Once the customer has selected the basic design of the shed, they can start the customization process. This is where customers create a shed to meet the specific needs that they have. For instance, a shed that is going to be used as a storage area for a riding lawnmower might need an entrance ramp, while a shed that is to be used as a workshop might need an electrical package or a workbench. No matter what the customer has in mind for the shed, Spacemakerssheds has the customized parts to fulfill that vision.

Once the shed has been designed, customers can inquire about the rent-to-own program. With the rent-to-own program, the cost of the shed is spread out across several payments, each less than or equal to the cost of using an off-site storage unit. What makes the rent-to-own program superior to purchasing on credit is that if the homeowner no longer needs the storage unit they can return it to Spacemakerssheds, and the matter is settled.

At customers can design the shed that they need, at a price they can afford. With Spacemakerssheds rent-to-own program, on-site storage buildings are affordable for almost any homeowner, and the high quality of the sheds make them functionally and aesthetically appealing.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Visit or call (302) 322-4325.