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Spanic Gas Crowdfunding Project Launched

Smart Crowdfunding is slated to carry out strategic marketing initiatives for Spanic Gas, a green energy provider focused on obtaining naturally forming gas to replace oil and coal usage.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/20/2013 -- With raised energy concerns in Europe which presently is suffering not only enormous shipping costs from the middle east with its piracy dangers but the periodical pipeline closures; a company by the name of Spanic Gas has created a cleaner, safer way of obtaining naturally occurring gas to replace more polluting oil and coal usage. To perfect the technology and bring into production Spanic Gas has launched a crowdfunding project with a goal of $12 million. In keeping with eco-conscience organizations the Spanic Gas system, following extraction operations, will leave land unharmed so that wildlife can thrive and the area can be enjoyed by local communities as free access parklands.

A green energy provider Spanic Gas hopes to raise $12,000,000, with stretch goals leading them towards $35,000,000, to not only become productive but to streamline their operations. Chris Page, CMO of Spanic Gas said of the operation, “The world's population is growing increasingly aware that we cannot continue to uphold our present living standards without great change. This is a turning point in history. Global demand for energy is rising annually by about 6.5% as more people expect better lifestyles with its commensurate rise in energy usage. We need a new way to operate to say the very least.”

Spanic Gas is a company focused on obtaining naturally occurring gas from our identifiable gas fields in Spain to replace the exorbitant use of imported oil and highly polluting coal. The company has invented a new system that, with crowdfunding support, will soon be operational in Spain. For future prospects the system is slated for further expansion into Royal Kingdom Morocco.

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