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Spanish Immersion for Educators with College Credit in Guatemala


Quetzaltenango, Guatemala -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/15/2014 -- Teachers from all across the world these days can be seen to be looking for new experiences when it comes to increasing their language knowledge as well as information. The Spanish Immersion program for summer is now available for all those who want to see the Latin culture and prepare themselves to teach and work Spanish students.

Spanish Immersion for Educators in Quetzaltenango is now available for students, teachers, principals, social workers and anyone who wants to experience the Latino culture, their traditions, language and much more first hand. All the information regarding the summer immersion program can be found at

The program gives students and teachers an ability to be able to work amidst Spanish speakers and increase their know-how regarding their culture as well as language. In return, they expose the Guatemalan host families and teachers and students to their own culture as well as language. Therefore, not only is the experience going to be exceptionally beneficial for the teachers and students participating in the program but it is also going to be great for the local population.

Guatemala Study Spanish in Quetzaltenango program is now being offered by to individuals who are interested in spending some quality time in Guatemala, increasing their research and knowledge regarding the Spanish area.

A wide range of other programs are also being offered by currently and in order to know more about them, interested individuals are advised to visit the official website as soon as possible.

The experience is both great for teachers as students as they can learn different languages from each other as well as learn various expressions which are commonly used by their students and families they work with at their schools.

The overall experience is arranged by and one of the most prominent benefits of opting for the program is that it gives participants an opportunity to visit elementary, middle and high both urban and rural schools. Guatemala for teachers is an amazing place to begin with when it comes to a Spanish Immersion Summer program. The countless positive testimonials of former participants can be found all over the site as well as the internet.

Educators who participate in the immersion program can obtain up to 16 undergraduate Spanish college credit through Seattle Community College and Brookhaven University in Dallas, TX. The other option is to obtain 125 CEUS will will help educators to renew their teaching license.

The school is fully accredited by the Secretary of Education in Guatemala.

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Casa Xelaju has been operating since 1987, with over 10,000 former students, successfully offering high end Spanish and related programs in order to increase awareness regarding all the issues in Guatemala.

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