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Spanish Immersion Program in Guatemala for High School Students


Minneapolis, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/11/2013 -- Teenagers are mostly keen to know about different cultures in the present times. Spanish has become one of the most popular cultures and languages when it comes to rapid learning and is offered in many high schools programs in many countries in the world. In Guatemala, high school students can fully benefit from the extensive Spanish immersion program due to the countless advantages of "living the language".

Casa Xelaju is one of those places where established Spanish immersion programs are offered to high school students. As teenagers, they are able to learn language easily due to their intense interest and quick pick up. The program offered in Guatemala is certified by the Secretary of Education of Guatemala which fully authenticates it for all the interested candidates. The targeted group of teenagers for this program is mainly students who are taking Spanish courses in their high school.

The best part of the Spanish immersion program is that it allows students to travel a lot to beautiful places where they can indulge themselves in community work in order to gain more from the experience. Trips include various villages and urban cities in order to provide a prominent change for the students while taking their Spanish immersion course.

This program is highly recommended by past students for high school students and has been in operation for 25 years. Obtaining high school credits are rather important to all the students in high school as they have to complete them before the final semester.

After enrolling into the Spanish immersion program, students can complete full credit in 3 weeks. Another benefit of the program is the fact that it is offered at an affordable price which involves weekend trip, family stay and 5 hours of class 5 days a week.

Most of the students would feel that the program would get complicated but they mustn’t worry about that as the school provides a fully comprehensive guide in order to help them sort out all the activities they will have to undergo. By enrolling themselves into the Spanish immersion program, students get a golden chance to explore and learn a great deal through homestay with a local family and volunteer work in the community. Therefore, the opportunity should not be missed.

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