Joe Bragg Now Offering Spanish and English Automated Translation Service has updated their translation software to offer fully automated translation from a huge range of languages with just one click, thanks to a new auto detect feature.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/20/2014 -- Spanish is the second most common language after Chinese and the most globally dispersed, being spoken on almost every continent. English however has commonly been associated as the language of money, thanks to its ubiquity in financial circles and its use as the international business language. As a result, there is often great need Spanish to English, or English to Spanish translation. The website has provided this service to users for some time, but can now auto-detect the language of origin to make conversion as simple as one click, and has even added a huge array of new languages to its library.

Spanish translation is incredibly important to businesses looking to push into new markets, as it represents the single biggest language market outside China. As a result, the site was created to translate English into Spanish.

However, the Spanish speaking community has an equally great need for accurate Spanish to English Translation if they want to go global, and so can now translate Spanish to English with advanced grammar recognition that removes many of the limitations of other common online tools.

With auto detection features and a huge array of new languages added, the site can translate Spanish or English into a vast amount of different languages, empowering users to further target emerging markets or simply gain clarity on global communications. The site even has a text to speech feature so users can hear the spoken word or pronunciations easily.

A spokesperson for explained, “The auto-detect language feature simplifies a process which before was a little awkward, having to select the language from and to, which made it a five click process instead of what is now a one click process. This may seem like a small improvement, but it makes the experience flow far better and allows people doing multiple translations to do so far more easily than before. With new languages now added to the library too, we are enabling users to translate into all the major world languages.”

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Spanish English is an online translation website that offers a web-based tool for translating to and from Spanish and English depending on the needs of the user. The site is simple and easy to use and provides an instant solution to translation needs with advanced grammar recognition to ensure high quality results.

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