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Sparkle Mats Presents Infrared Heating Pads, an Affordable Alternative to BioMat

Backed by 19 Layers of High Quality Revolutionary Materials to Combat Pains, Cramps and Stress


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/09/2021 -- Sparkle Mats is pleased to present infrared heating pads as the best and affordable alternatives to BioMat. These far infrared pads are available in three sizes: Travel (20x20 inches) at $126, Mini (32x20 inches) at $294, and Full-Sized (72x24 inches) at $620. All these pads at available at a limited time discounted offer on Amazon. The travel pad is a perfect accompaniment for business and leisure tours and travels. Both travel and mini pads can be used in an office, in the living room or while resting. The full sized far infrared pad is long enough to cover the size of a 6 foot individual. Perfect for home therapies, these infrared heating pads help users get rid of back pains, stress and cramps. The mats are filled with amethyst crystals and artisan tourmaline disks which are believed to emit the highest therapeutic infrared rays and negative ions and pranic energy qualities.

Apart from pain relief, the far infrared pads are known for their very many benefits including: "I love it so much that I have to share it with my two cats who often jump in my spot when I get up. My son loves it too. It helps me sleep and with chronic pain", says Tanya, a happy user. weight loss, healthy skin, deep muscle relaxation, stress reduction, enhanced muscles, better sleep, joint pain relief, better immune system and improved cognitive function. The results may vary from one user to another along with the duration. However, users will sure witness amazing results within a few days of regular use. Whether it is taking a break after a stressful meeting at work or relaxing before going to bed, these infrared heating mats offer extreme relief. With 100% safe EMFs, the far infrared pads are totally safe for use.

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About Sparkle Mats
Sparkle Mats was started by JP Richards, Designer & Founder of patented sparkle mats and Certified Reiki Practitioner. The brand offers an affordable alternative to BioMat and the sparkle mats are improved mats backed by Red Light Therapy and PEMF.

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