Sparkle Mats

Sparkle Mats with Electromagnetic Wave Therapy for Relief from Pains, Cramps and Stress

Completely Safe to Use with 5 Layers Designed to Block EMFs up to Safe Levels


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/05/2021 -- Sparkle Mats are the best alternatives to infrared bats and bio mats. The product currently available on Amazon is offered with a 108-day money-back guarantee with free shipping and bonus gifts. This revolutionary infrared mat is backed by Energy Therapy and gemstone heat therapy. These natural therapies are believed to elevate the wellness levels in a body thereby providing temporary relief from pains, cramps, stress, etc. Sleeping on these mats can also help with an improved circulatory system. The sparkle mats consist of 4.5lbs of amethyst crystals in a mini mat and 13lbs in a full length mat. The crystals are also accompanied by several white artisan tourmaline disks which realign the energy levels in the body and balance them. The infrared energy mat has been blessed by JP Richards, a Reiki Practitioner and Founder of Sparkle.

For those who have tried different products and treatments and yet failed to find relief, they must try these infrared mats right away. Apart from improved sleep, users can also benefit from better immunity, youthfulness, happiness, performance and calmness. "I've been searching for something to relieve my stress and this mat is it. The Sparkle Mat is not only beautiful but helps your overall well-being. This is a natural way to help the struggles of everyday life disappear. All you have to do is lay down and let the mat do its job", says Sara, a happy customer. The product is also backed by a 9-year warranty with special bonuses: an audio brainwave entertainment program worth $108, for sleep and healing sparkle sessions. Now available at a 50% lower cost than the BioMat, Sparkle Mat is the product that will bring healing and balance in mind, body and soul.

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About is a manufacturer and supplier of Sparkle Mats which are designed with over 30 years of scientifically proven research. The mats offer cozy sauna warmth to help users deal with pain, stress, cramps, anxiety, etc.

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