Joe Bragg Lowers the Price of Speakers Across the Board


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/02/2012 -- A huge amount of speakers are sold every year, and with the popularity of home cinema systems there have been even more purchases in recent years. However it seems like even though more people are looking to buy speakers, the prices just keep going up.

One business rocking this trend is, a new website dedicated to bringing the price of speakers down to an affordable level. was founded on the principle that most speakers are sold at far too expensive a price. They aim to present speakers for sale at the lowest price possible, while preserving integrity and a great customer experience.

Even though the site offers speakers at a discounted rate, they haven’t skimped on how they are presenting the product. There are high-resolution full color photographs of every single item, so buyers know exactly what they are ordering. Consumers will also find a comprehensive description and specification of every product.

Despite the name, don’t stop with just speakers. As well as high quality speakers, headphones, and other audio equipment, consumers can find most electrical goods including PC’s, video games, cameras and even musical instruments.

One of the most visited categories is televisions, with the Haier L32B1120 32-Inch 720p LCD TV gaining a lot of attention from visitors. are committed to keep the price down as low as possible, even on popular models such as this one.

The large range, simple navigation and low prices is central to the businesses consumer proposition according to a spokesperson:

“We want to make it simple for consumers to find high quality audio goods at affordable prices. We aim to be a one stop shop for consumers and we believe our clean, simple shopping experience will continue to attract customers.”

The spokesperson added

“Although we started primarily as an audio based site after requests from our visitors we have expanded into other electrical goods. However when we list something on the site, we ensure we stay true to our low price principals.” also offers an email newsletter service. At no cost, users can sign up to receive information about special deals on products, as well as money off coupons.

A new eCommerce store dedicated to providing quality, cheap speakers, headphones and electronics. has a huge range of audio and electronic products, all sold at the lowest possible price.

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