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Sales Up And Ties Making A Major Comeback As Men's Accessory


Malaga, Spain -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2013 -- Some accuse the inclusion of casual day corporate offices, but whatever the cause was, tie sales, which saw a steep decline a few years back, are finally making a comeback and sales are once again on the rise. While many wrote modern neckties out with America's casualization, Margarita Garcia Navas of speakloudershop.com, says don't count them out, just yet.

"Modern ties have a bad reputation, but the truth is there are many benefits to wearing a tie. First of all, it frames the face, drawing the attention of viewers upwards, and improves communication. Additionally, ties are slimming, giving an elongated effect, when worn correctly." Margarita advises men to make sure their ties hang at the right spot, saying, "Make sure the tie is tied so it ends near the middle of the belt buckle. When the tie has been tied too short, it will ruin the entire look of the outfit."

She continues, saying, "Men also traditionally wear professional suits, which although classic, can be a bit boring. Ties give the eyes a focal point, a bright spot in an otherwise drab outfit. Silk ties create the best knots, giving a better look to your tie." She goes on to advise men who complain of feeling choked while wearing ties. "Make sure it's not the collar of the shirt that is choking you, as this is the problem the majority of the time."

However, all ties are not created equal, says Margarita. "Our neckties are hand tailored and made using the traditional Italian technique of sewing and bent by hand with the cut on the bias of the fabric and sewing traditional hidden stitch in the edge of the tie. The back tipped is on the same material 'self tipped' or in a contrasting color if the tie requires it."

Talking further about the quality one should look for in ties, Margarita adds, "In a quality tie you will find good outer fabrics, resilient construction, proper interlinings and luxurious finishing touches. A properly weighted interlining will give the tie a luxurious feel, knot easily and remain wrinkle free. So, that is why we use a different interlining depending on the fabric we use, to make the best quality neckties."

About Speak Louder Shop
Speak Louder Shop is a brand of handmade neckwear founded in 2011 as a concept on Etsy from Spain. Now in its third year, Speak Louder Shop's neckties, freestyle bow ties and pocket squares have been featured in many magazines and web sites like Time Out New York, Martha Stewart Living, Huffington Post and more. The company prides itself on their collections, where all their designs are focused in a modern but respectful concept of the tie.