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Specialist Secured Loan Advisor Pleased to Be Helping Clients Save Money and Secure Business Funding

Secured loans can be used helps to unlock equity in your home or commercial property; this type of finance is usually a lot cheaper than non-secured options and can be used for a wide variety of purposes such as buying a new vehicle, debt consolidation and even business financing.


Salford, Lancashire -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/23/2013 -- Credit is hard to come by for some individuals and businesses at the moment, the rising cost of living means that some families are struggling to make ends meet. A secured loan could be the answer for some, secured loans can be used to raise funding for virtually any purpose like reducing monthly outgoings, secured finance is often much cheaper than unsecured finance.

Secured finance enables you to make your monthly obligations more affordable by consolidating credit cards, personal loans, etc. into one monthly payment. The reason secured finance offers better rates is because it carries less risk for the lender, when you sign up for a loan secured against your house your lender is obtaining what is known as a charge against the property. A charge means that the lender should get their money back once your property is sold even if you do not keep up with payments and default on the agreement.

Baker Financial are specialist secured loan advisers, the company are having great success helping their clients obtain secured finance. Baker Financial speak of this success on their secured loans page, They say that they can even help customers with adverse credit histories, “as secured loan specialist's, we have access to specialist lenders who are able to judge each case on its own merit, we understand that everyone's circumstances are different and with access to prime deals and none confirming or adverse credit lenders, our market leading advisers can find the most appropriate deal for your situation, saving you time and money in the process.”

A bridging loan is one type of secured finance that Baker Financial advises many clients on, the company say this type of finance has very low borrowing costs, rates start from just 0.75% for some clients. Details of the bringing loans that Baker Financial arranges can be found by visiting

About Baker Financial
Established in 2005, Baker Financial have many years experience in helping clients secure credit. They warn clients to think carefully before securing debts against their home and they always make sure that their clients understand the risks and are comfortable with repayments, etc. If you are a home owner, struggling with your outgoings, would like to save money or need to raise finance for any purpose give Baker Financial a call on 0845 094 2331.