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Specialist Technology Insurance Provider ACC Provides Policies for America’s High-tech Industries


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/21/2012 -- The challenges faced by industry today are immense; a stalled economy, uncertain outlook and a market that doesn’t seem sure as to exactly what to expect next. For this reason, that which supplies a sense of security and dependability to companies across the nation is vital. In this way, commercial insurance products are being examined by firms with more scrutiny than ever before.

In some sectors the challenge of finding an appropriate insurance product is even more immense. Businesses which operate in the complicated and technologically-complex sectors of biotechnology, energy and medical capital equipment deal with a business landscape which can change day to day. These industries find the need to access specialist technology insurance absolutely essential in order to run their business with high levels of confidence and security.

ACC Hall is a leading figure in the world of technology insurance, bridging the gap between high-tech industries and the specialist insurance products that keep them running smoothly. Specialising in providing services such as biotechnology, geothermal energy and medical device failure insurance, ACC has become a shining light for all those businesses that require their insurer to have an understanding of technology to match their own.

Recently the technology insurance pioneers have launched a new combination insurance package which includes many policy components vital for those seeking products such as biotechnology insurance. General liability, product liability and professional liability have all been rolled into a single, no-nonsense package which can deliver protection and peace of mind to tech-heavy operations everywhere. “The insurance program is delivered by an experienced team of insurance brokers and specialized insurance companies,” ACC confirm. In this way, businesses everywhere can be assured that they’re covered by a comprehensive policy delivered to them by the leaders in technology insurance.

More and more businesses everywhere understand the inherent risks that come with working in cutting edge environments. In fields such as biotechnology which utilize autologous cell therapies or DNA analysis, companies need to be sure that their insurer is responsive to issues which can change on a daily basis. Without a doubt, ACC Hall delivers in these testing and technologically advanced sectors.

So whether it’s biotechnology, medical or geothermal energy insurance, the team behind leading technology insurance brokerage ACC Hall have their clients covered. With the specialist knowledge their customers require, ACC is committed to delivering relevant and responsive insurance offerings to American businesses which need them the most.

About ACC Hall International
ACC Hall International is an insurance brokerage firm aimed at addressing the stringent insurance needs of firms operating in high-technology sectors such as biomedicine and energy. Dedicated to providing policies that meet the rigorous needs of these sectors, ACC Hall is blessed with one of the most experienced teams in the business, including industry expert and CEO Mr. Richard T. Hall. For more information, visit http://www.accbrokers.com