Skin Care For Men Explained

Specialist Website Skin Care for Men Explained Expands Topics and Product Offerings

Spokesman explains skin care is not just for the face and offers solutions to issues


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/10/2014 -- Continuing to grow in popularity in recent years, industry statistics show products targeted directly at men have increased worldwide by 70% over the last six years. The general consensus of the industry seems to be the market has exploded in recent years as an increasing number of men have expressed a desire to look their best look in professional positions. To keep up with the trends, Skin Care For Men Explained (, a website devoted specifically to men's skin care and their products, has increased their coverage of products as well as information to help men make positive changes.

According to John Donaldson, spokesperson for the site, "Many men feel overwhelmed when faced with so many potential products you can use in your skin care regime. Additionally, skin care just isn't something most men bring up in casual conversation with one another. That's where our website helps. We address the issues other's don't want to talk about, even suggesting products to achieve the look men want."

Donaldson goes on to explain skin care covers much more than just the face, saying, "For a man's total skin care, the overall body is just as important to care for as the face and the hands. Often neglected by many men in grooming regimes, paying good attention to the body's skin care needs will not only add to one's overall appearance but also make you feel great, too."

While shaving is a typical skin care action taken by most men, among the topics now covered on the website are discussions of mens soap versus body washes, face moisturizer for men, the top athelete's foot creams and the right nail clippers for men. Says Donaldson, "Naturally, we do cover shaving issues including everything one might need in their mens toiletry bag, as most people think all a man has to do is shave his face. Although this is an important part of every man’s daily routine, unfortunately, depending on your skin type, men may find themselves more prone to razor burn, ingrown hairs and other shaving related irritations. On the other hand, there are a number of other products and situations we now address on our site, from back hair trimmers to waxing products for men."

Donaldson continues, saying, "Not all aspects of skin care are for every man, but hopefully everything we've included on this site will at least give men a method of finding out the truth about some of these products and whether they actually are worth taking a chance on."

About Skin Care For Men Explained
Skin Care for Men Explained is an online resource for men to learn more about the previously unknown realm of their skin. Owners felt men might have trouble finding out the details of skin care and were embarrassed to ask questions, therefore, the site was form to answer all issues men might face about their skin.