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Specialized Resource Group Conducts Child Custody Investigations


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/02/2013 -- One of the most devastating situations a family can face is a custody battle. Families are, in most cases, better off resolving their differences so that the children can benefit from the love and attention of both parents, even if this means compromising on custody. However, there are cases in which a child is in physical or emotional danger from being in the presence of one parent. In those cases, a private investigator in Los Angeles may be needed to conduct a thorough background check on the parent and gather information for use in a court case.

Specialized Resource Group, located on the web at , is an elite group of private investigators in Los Angeles who work closely with parents who are seeking help in constructing a custody case. SRG can provide not only Los Angeles private investigators but also security guard services if necessary to protect children or parents from a violent spouse. SRG's security services in Los Angeles help parents and children feel secure.

With a discreet SRG investigation, custodial parents can accumulate evidence necessary to convince investigators or judges of parental abuse or neglect. In some cases, evidence collected by a private investigator may mean the difference in a judge's ruling on the proper custody for children.

SRG's Los Angeles private investigator services can be used to collect evidence of infidelity, abuse, neglect and other behaviors that may affect the outcome of a custody case. With the help of Specialized Resource Group's California private investigators, families can overcome dangerous or difficult circumstances and once again enjoy peace and security. Learn more at

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Specialized Resource Group is a firm of private investigators in Los Angeles, California, who also provide security guards, executive protection and bodyguards in Orange County and throughout the state and nation. SRG provides everything from a private investigator in San Diego to bodyguards in Los Angeles, and can handle investigations involving business or personal matters. For professional investigations into fraud, abuse, infidelity or theft or for personal or property protection, contact SRG for a free consultation.

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