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Specialized Resource Group Discovers Trucking Company Driver Misconduct


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/14/2013 -- In today’s society, lawsuits are rampant and any employer who hires drivers is aware of this fact. A truck driver can quickly land a company in a situation in which the entire business is placed in jeopardy if the driver engages in dangerous conduct. Employers have learned that their drivers are drinking on the job, driving recklessly, stealing product off the trucks or even selling drugs or engaging in other criminal activity while driving company vehicles. While employers have options when it comes to terminating these employees and saving the company’s reputation, the company must know what is happening in order to successfully combat this type of behavior.

Many employers have found themselves in civil court facing a lawsuit due to the activities of their employees. This is particularly true with trucking companies. Therefore, Specialized Resource Group, located at, offers companies the ability to conduct surveillance that will help monitor and control employee issues with the help of a private investigator in California or in other locations.

Recently, Los Angeles private investigators with Specialized Resource Group were able to help a major trucking company solve a problem involving suspected policy violations. Using professional private investigators in Los Angeles, Specialized Resource Group set up surveillance operations along the trucking route and infiltrated the company’s employees to gather evidence of misconduct on the part of drivers. Ultimately, Specialize Resource Group discovered evidence that pointed to employees who were violating policy. Using this evidence, the trucking company was able to terminate the employees in question and avoid possible liability. The company ultimately was able to improve service and delivery to its customers.

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