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Specialized Resource Group Introduces 'Employee Misconduct' Surveillance Packages


Huntington Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/16/2013 -- Any private investigator in Los Angeles has probably seen cases of employee misconduct. Employee misconduct and theft is one of the most common reasons for hiring a Los Angeles private investigator. As a firm sending professionals out daily to jobs needing a private investigator in San Diego or an Orange County private investigator , Specialized Resource Group is very familiar with the challenges facing today’s employers.

Because a San Diego private investigator can be expensive, especially when called on an “as-needed” basis to investigate employee theft or misconduct, California private investigator firm Specialized Resource Group is introducing "Employee Misconduct" service packages designed to help employers investigate problems in the most cost-effective way possible.

There are several ways employers can handle suspected cases of employee theft, fraud or misconduct. They can hire a private investigator in Orange County to make inquiries about a suspected individual or set up surveillance on that employee. Employers can also obtain the services of a private detective in Los Angeles to conduct random sweeps of information, hoping to identify a pattern of behavior. Finally, a team of Los Angeles private investigators may conduct an undercover operation to get an “on-the-scene” look at employee behavior. Specialized Resource Group can help employers identify problem-employees so that they can be dealt with quickly.

Some employers may not suspect theft or misconduct, but request the services of security guards in Los Angeles to keep employees and the property safe. Hiring security guards in Orange County can be a smart financial decision for employers who weigh the cost of surviving a break-in, especially if they have unguarded proprietary information or valuable stock that is vulnerable to theft.

Specialized Resource Group can work with employers to determine the best and most cost-effective way to deploy security guards in or around a job location.

Employers might also be concerned about their own personal safety. While most employers do not have to hire bodyguards in Los Angeles, there are some employers or workers who carry large amounts of cash on a regular basis, thus attracting thieves or criminals. Specialized Resource Group can provide bodyguards in California to protect the safety of an employer or valuable employees.

Specialized Resource Group will work with businesses of any size and type to ensure that a company remains safe and that employers have the most cost-effective solutions to security issues.

About Specialized Resource Group
SRG is a firm of private investigators in Los Angeles who specialize in security services in the Los Angeles area and beyond. Other areas of expertise include executive protection and bodyguards in Orange County, and providing security guard services throughout California. SRG can handle investigative or security jobs of any size and welcomes individual or company inquiries regarding the need for a private investigator in California.

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