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Specialized Resource Group Offers Holiday Safety Tips


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/23/2013 -- Although Specialized Resource Group is best known as a firm of private investigators in Los Angeles, SRG, located on the web at , also provides security guards in Orange County and throughout California.

During the holidays, many people discover that a time that should be filled with happiness can quickly turn tragic if they are not careful to protect themselves and their families with common-sense safety tips.

SRG offers the following tips to keep everyone safe during the holiday season.

- Keep valuables hidden or locked away. Flashing large amounts of cash, expensive jewelry and other valuables is not a good idea. Instead, lock up your valuables or, better yet, put your cash in the bank and use your debit card.

- Lock homes and cars. It may seem simplistic, but locking house and car doors often deters casual thieves.

- Install a home security system. A home alarm is a great way to keep a family safe. Businesses should also have an alarm system.

- Be aware of surroundings. While it is fun to go to parties, drinking too much alcohol, walking home alone or getting lost in an unfamiliar part of town are all invitations to robbery. Be aware of your surroundings and travel with friends whenever possible.

- Do not give away personal information. Keep bank account numbers, credit cards and other personal information away from prying eyes at stores while shopping. When using credit cards, keep a hand over them before and after giving them to the clerk to ensure casual observers do not see the number.

- Report credit card abuse immediately. Keep tabs on credit card bills and immediately report any unauthorized charges.

For those who need the assistance of a Los Angeles private investigator, an Orange County private investigator, security services in Los Angeles or bodyguards anywhere in California, SRG is ready to help.

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Specialized Resource Group is a firm that can provide a San Diego private investigator, private detective in Los Angeles, or security guard services or executive protection in any part of California. SRG has years of experience keeping people and businesses safe and gathering evidence to bolster all types of cases.

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