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Specializing in Custom Injection Molding, Contract Manufacturer MERI China Rebrands Company


Spokane Valley, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/23/2012 -- Full service contract manufacturer MERI China has recently re-branded their entire company and their website to better communicate their unique manufacturing services with clients and other businesses. The company’s updated brand represents their sleek style, user-friendly process and high level of customer support.

MERI China is a U.S. based and U.S. owned global OEM company offering a wide range of services to small and medium-sized businesses, including product engineering, research and development (R&D), custom plastic injection molding and custom injection molding, general assembly, small appliance manufacturing, PCB assembly and top assembly, customer power conditioning, circuit board assembly, rapid prototyping services and electronic manufacturing services.

The company assists businesses in boosting their market share with their comprehensive and simplistic production process.

While American manufacturing appears to have leveled off, the number of engineers and entrepreneurs utilizing contract manufactures has seen continued growth. When selecting a CM, businesses typically look for a company that can provide quality products with a quick turnaround time at an affordable price.

MERI China prides themselves on their efficiency, cost effectiveness and ability to produce goods in a timely manner.

Another major concern for many businesses when using an offshore contract manufacturer is the issue of coordinating all of the steps throughout the process from a distance.

MERI China works in both China and U.S. jurisdictions, eliminating the risk of offshore manufacturing through a streamlined production process.

According to MERI China, “Instead of having to go to one company for R&D, another for rapid prototyping, and then shipping, MERI China takes care of all of that and manages your production from inception to creation. Get all the benefits of out-sourcing to China without the hassle and headache.”

In contrast to many Chinese companies that are limited to a few scopes of trade, MERI China’s China operation is fully licensed in most industry segments, giving the company full control over the entire process. From prototype development to the final product delivery, the company can provide businesses with the results they need and deserve.

For more information about MERI China’s wide range of services, visit http://www.merichina.com

About MERI China
Located in China and in the U.S. since 2001, MERI China is a full service contract manufacturer that eliminates the risk of offshore manufacturing through a streamlined production process. The company has developed two core capacities for customers in Japan, Finland, England, Canada, Belgium, India and the U.S. This includes manufacturing and supply chain management for low to mid-volume industrial, non-industrial and electrical goods.