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Specialty Sorbents Market Represent Excellent Growth 2026


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/13/2018 -- Specialty sorbents are engineered and modified materials that are used in applications requiring absorption as well as adsorption. Materials that are commonly used as specialty sorbents are: carbon black, chitosan, silica, and engineered nanomaterials. Primary applications wherein specialty sorbents are used include: cleanup of oils, industrial liquids, and chemicals; gas separation and drying by absorption or adsorption; and oxygen and moisture absorption. Sorbents are widely used for cleanup of oil spills and oil leaks in water bodies to help curb environmental contamination.

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Specialty Sorbents Market: Overview

In terms of type of material used, the specialty sorbents market can be divided into carbon black, chitosan, silica, and engineered nanomaterials. Chitosan is the most widely used type of specialty sorbents. Chitosan is increasingly being used in water treatment and sludge treatment, due to its ability to adsorb heavy metal ions. Engineered nanomaterials are witnessing rise in the demand at a rapid pace. Carbon nanotubes, titania, and silver nanomaterials are common engineered nanomaterials that are used as specialty sorbents. Based on end-user, the specialty sorbents market can be classified into oil & gas, food & beverages, pharmaceuticals, construction, and others. Oil & gas is the leading end-user segment of the specialty sorbents market. Construction is the most rapidly expanding end-user segment of the specialty sorbents market, as specialty sorbents are highly used for water control in cements.

Specialty Sorbents Market: Market Trends & Developments

Specialty sorbents are used for cleaning machinery and plant floors that are prone to deposition of oil or chemicals. Spilled oil or chemicals pose safety hazards to workers. They may prove to be hazardous to the environment or cause contamination of raw materials or products. Specialty sorbents are also applied in oxygen absorption and moisture control. Specialty sorbents are employed for controlling the amount of water in cements. Proper water control in cement improves the strength of cement; provides frost protection; and reduces the amount of shrinkage that occurs during hardening. Due to these benefits, the construction sector is expected to witness higher adoption of specialty sorbents in the near future.

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Specialty Sorbents Market: Regional Outlook

The demand for specialty sorbents market is increasing at a rapid pace worldwide, due to the wide range of end-user industries. Asia Pacific is the leading consumer of specialty sorbents market across the world. China is the major contributor to the demand in the region. The demand for specialty sorbents is expected to be increase at a rapid pace in the Asia Pacific region during the forecast period, led by China. Middle East & Africa is another major consumer of specialty sorbents. North America and Western Europe witness significant demand for specialty sorbents. Latin America is a small contributor to the global demand for specialty sorbents.