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Speech Recognition and Slow Play Mode Added to E-Learning App Learn Spanish 5,000 Phrases


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/07/2017 -- Learn Spanish 5,000 Phrases, an e-learning app which has garnered positive reviews from beginners and advanced learners of the Spanish language, recently became more interactive with the addition of two new features. The developers from Fun Easy Learn, the e-learning app development agency which has developed the app, said recently that the addition of the two new features would make the app more interactive and resourceful for Spanish language learners. The developers claimed that the recently added features, namely Slow Play Mode and Speech Recognition, would make the app suitable for visually impaired learners. Besides, the app will become more interesting for general users, the developers from Fun Easy Learn claimed.

The developers also added that users of the e-lerning app can now learn Spanish phrasebook phrases without any internet connection. However, they maintained that the users need to connect to the internet to downoad and install the app on their mobile devices.

At a recent press event, one of the chief developers said, "We have designed the Learn Spanish 5,000 Phrases in such a way that it becomes a staple for anyone who wants to learn Spanish fast. Without an iota of doubt, the language is very difficult to learn. Our app is particularly designed for those people who have a tough time while conversing with Spanish natives."

Before the recent update, the mobile app already had several features which the users found very useful. However, the developers decided to make learning Spanish phrases easier and wanted to make the app more interactive in nature. The slow play mode is very useful for those who want to learn Spanish but are slow learners. The Speech Recognition feature can be used for anyone who wants to check whether they are pronouncing Spaanish words and phrases correctly.

The CEO and managing director of Fun Easy Learn said, "There's a variation between learning a language and speaking the same with native or near-native fluency. We hope our updated app will help both the new learners and the advanced learners."

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Learn Spanish 5,000 Phrases is a mobile app designed for Spanish language learners.

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