Speech to Social Media

Speech to Social Media Helps the Blind to Use Facebook

By posting social media with a simple phone call, Speech To Social Media by Panoorin offers a solution to the people with visual disabilities.


Fenton, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/23/2014 -- The newest way to post to social media is being referred to as “speech to social media”. Through a new and innovative service, a social media user can call in, say their message and hang up. The spoken message is then transcribed and posted onto the user’s social media profile. The message can be posted to Facebook, or multiple social networks at the same time such as Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Since speech to social media does not require the traditional steps required. Users are not required to log in, click the text box, type the message, or check for spelling errors.. Since posting on social media is multi-step process that is often time consuming, speech to social media by the startup company called Panoorin saves time and effort while allowing users including those with disabilities to post with a phone call.

The spoken messages to be posted on social media are transcribed by human beings. Even speech filler words like “I just want to post” are removed from the message before it is posted. The result is that the spoken message appears on social media as if the user actually typed it. In addition, user passwords are encrypted to provide security.

Using Kickstarter, the new innovative company hopes to gain support to cover upfront expenses during the first 120 days. In exchange, Panoorin is to offering full use of the service as one of the rewards for being a supporter.

Users of Panoorin can actually post social media content in locations and situations where they normally would not have been able to. Company owner Terrance Schemansky said “The platform has the potential to drastically reduce the instances of texting while driving.” Since this is one click posting visually disabled individuals are empowered to use social media by speaking their message and having the message accurately transcribed and posted within minutes.

For more information about Panoorin visit their Kickstarter project. Those who support the project will be eligable receive a wide range of rewards at http://www.speechtosocialmedia.com

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