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Speech and Language Milestones - What Parents Need to Know


Bronxville, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2013 -- The first years of a child’s life are all part and parcel to an emotional roller coaster. Parenting is, for the most part, a collection of trial and error scenarios and troubleshooting your way through tantrums, behaviors and illnesses. Occasionally parents need to be reminded to pay close attention to their children’s development. Speech and language development, especially within the first three years is no different.

Sometimes and caregivers voice some concern about their children’s speech and language delays, while other times parents are completely unaware that there is a cause for alarm until the pediatrician asks about their child’s communication skills at a well visit. “Because parents are the first line of defense against speech and language delays, it is critical for parents to have an understanding of speech and language milestones at this time in their child’s life,’’ advises Westchester County, NY-based speech-language pathologist, Meghan Ryan, M.S. CCC-SLP,

According to Ryan, the lack of consistent babbling or when a child does not initiate a request for an object while gazing at the object, may be two red flags that indicate it is time to see a speech expert or consult your pediatrician. Other red flags include:

At 18 months:
- lack of communicative gestures
- little to no attempt to imitate words said by parents or other family members within their immediate surroundings
- seems to understand fewer than 50 words or phrases
- a vocabulary of less than 10 words

At 24 months:
- speaks fewer than 50 words
- does not use any two-word combinations
- largely unintelligible speech
- speech or language regression of any kind

At 36 months:
- has a vocabulary of single-syllable words only
- few or no multiword utterances
- does not ask questions
- is not understood by most people
- frequent tantrums when not understood
- echoing of words and sounds without intent or purpose

“Additionally, if your child has a history of feeding problems, nutrient deficiency or multiple ear infections within the first year of his life, it is important to seek the advice of a professional, as he or she could be at risk for speech and language delays,” says Ryan.

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