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Speed Hardwood Flooring Introduces Exclusive Collection of Custom Hardwood Services

Custom services and products bring out true artistry reports SpeedHardwoodflooring.com, as they publish unique examples on their website


Sellersburg, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/27/2014 -- Industry statistics vary, but independent estimates have shown that well-maintained hardwood flooring throughout the main living areas of a home can increase a house's value by approximately 15%. However, even when these numbers don't quite reach the mark, there is certainly and a significant addition to the perceived value of the home. According to Bethany Spear of Speed Hardwood Flooring, the perceived value includes the small things that truly make a home feel more lavish and alluring. While they may not contribute directly to the appraised value, Custom Hardwood Flooring will help the home sell quicker and closer to the seller's asking price.

Spear makes it clear, however, all hardwood floors are not the same, nor is the process, emphasizing custom hardwood floors will definitely bring the most value for the homeowner. "Custom hardwood floors will make just about anything in a room look richer. Like anything made of fine woods, there is a great deal of craftsmanship that goes into producing the finished product. Each floor, be it made from Ammonia Fuming Oak or Hand-scraped Hardwood Flooring, each has its own singular character that cannot be recreated. The beauty of wood, like all things in nature, derives from the fluctuating quality of each tree and board, with each board sporting its own distinctive grain. Therefore, each board, sometimes even the boards from a single tree, may take stain differently, making the color of individual boards appear differently from the surrounding one." Spear emphasizes these differences should not be considered flaws, for they create the character that makes each floor unique.

To this end, Speed Hardwood Flooring is proud to announce a new exclusive collection of flooring products and services not commonly offered by others in the wood flooring industry. Spears explains, "The look of our mosaic patterns, 'French Bleed', hand-scraped, or 'Fumed' floors, for example, are sure to be the envy of all who lay eyes upon the exquisite plank flooring that we have masterfully created. No automatic machinery is used in this process and the craftsmanship truly shows. Although extremely labor intensive, nothing better reproduces the authentic effect of the passage of time of the wood. Our floors are easy to maintain and quick to hide dust, dents and scratches associated with daily living. The floors add an additional, very pleasing visual effect that normal flat plank floors simply cannot offer. We proudly present these hand-scraped offerings for our client's consideration."

About Speed Hardwood Flooring
Speed Hardwood Flooring manufactures custom produced flooring by a production staff made up exceptionally skilled craftsmen with a high degree of artistry, ingenuity and work ethic. This results in a unique and beautiful product that comes only from careful and masterful efforts. The company stands committed to the highest standards of craftsmanship and the team is dedicated to carefully listening to its clients dreams and ideas to create a floor destined to be the crowning centerpiece of a home.